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  1. Ideally it should be.. especially when politicians on both islands are determined to import a completely foreign culture, and at the same time, threaten us with jail if we protest about the fuckers pissing all over us, raping kids and over stretching the services we paid into all our lives. 

    But sure, let's keep on arguing about stuff that we did to one another decades ago...

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  2. Are Chelsea your local club? If so, I feel for you.. I go watch my team (£150 for a season ticket), and can have a pint with the players afterwards. Players become acquaintances, some even friends. And we normally get to play in the Champions League or UEFA league (last season was a travesty :) , so pennies saved this year ).

    When I was over there I would watch the local small clubs.. Folkestone Invicta, Cambridge Utd, Halifax and in Scotland it was usually Hearts or Livingstone, but sometimes Inverness or Wick.  All charged a similar price to matches here, about a tenner in, and was proper, real football. Proper tackles, proper aggression, no flopping about crap.

  3. God forbid that people would dare to celebrate being Ulstermen/women in the UK.. obviously that makes us terrorists because, well you know, matching down a street playing music is terrible. Or is the truth that we are terrorists, in your eyes, because we are Protestant Ulsterfolk? And before you start the whole 'loyalist paramilitary' broad sweep.. I can take it, using your tar everyone method, that you would be with Comrade Corbyn, in being an IRA terrorist?

    FFS catch a grip..

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  4. Ah man, I remember this.. fantastic! I don't think he was a spokesman at all, some just piss head.


    All laughing aside, this was what.. 6-7 years ago? Leaving out the drunken words, was he wrong? I remember the diatribe of abuse after this, and since then we have had all the rape gang stuff come out, and sharia divorce being accepted in a British court.

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  5. It was, I'm not her though, and don't have the profile she does. Normal people, like me, go to things in areas that can be dangerous, and say nothing. It is nothing a strange tbh, and is the same on both sides. I have mates that support my local club and are Catholic, even though it is a historically unionist/loyalist working class club. I had no idea until we were adults.

  6. On 13/12/2017 at 17:48, Blackbriar said:

    I've only ever seen clips, and I haven't the first clue about rules (if there are any !), but definitely not a game for the faint hearted !

    Even though I kick with the other foot, I have to say, I love watching Hurling. It is a great game. I would go and watch Antrim now and again, even smack a sliothar around, but it isn't a sport open to folks of my persuasion. Still a good game though.

  7. As far as I am aware, they were semitic people, and so would look much like Semitic peoples today. That said, they have been mixed with greek, roman etc for thousands of years, and then Europeans. They are genetically Semitic, according to them, via the mothers line, and this seem to be born out when tested.

    Do you mean in the Bible when Ham was sent away by his father, Noah (for either raping his father, and/or his father's wife), and from then African Blacks were called the people of Ham (which means blackened/burnt)?
    There are black jews for sure, and genetically they are Semitic people, and allowed to move to Israel under their 'Right to Return'.. but I think this is just the same as European Jews, only heading South to Africa and mixing instead.  

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  8. 54 minutes ago, Retsdon said:

    No, haven't had a dog of any kind for years. It's the chief minus of having itchy feet. To be honest, now I've satisfied the urge to travel I'd love to come back to the UK and if I did, the first thing I"d do is get myself a dog. But not having a spare 60,000 quid to put up as a bond for a visa for the wife, thanks to Theresa May I'm basically exiled abroad for the rest of my life - unless me and the kids were prepared to leave their mother behind.

    Or you could come home for a holiday and stay longer.. she wouldn't be able to work etc, but the kids are dual nationals I presume? As long as you can prove, if you ever actually have to, that you are able, and have, provided for your family without recourse to public funds, it would be fine. The weens, being dual nationals have the same rights as you. 


    I'm afraid to say that it is decent people, those that want to come and contribute to our society, that are being punished by the EU's insistence on taking every f****r that jumps off a boat...they don't have to put up a bond.. ffs they lie and say they are kids, and go to school despite being in their 20s.

  9. 1 hour ago, Greyman said:

    Especially as most of the Jews I,ve seen appeared to have white skin, so would be a rather silly agenda to follow, talk about fake news 😱

    Have you ever been to Israel? Believe me, they appear to have, but are definitely not.. and not because you or I say so, but because they insist they are not. And factually, they are correct.


    3 hours ago, shepp said:

    I think the MI5 stuff has been put out by the far right and latched on to by others to try and de-legitimize him. Because he dislikes the far right and is to some extent a Zionist, which basically means he believes in the existence of the jewish state.

    Much like myself.

    I support the right for Israel to exist, it DOES exist, and it exists for the reason many Nation states exist. They are up front about it.. in Israel. What I don't like is the fact that they move to other countries and try to undermine the existing State.. which is evident if you look.

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  10. Imagine what it is like serving your country in the most recent sandpits, with a very close up and personal view of these people, then coming home to see the same scum lauded and pampered. Meanwhile more arrive, and are afforded everything you fought to protect, and you are dumped on the street. That is the reality for 13000 veterans at the minute.  The country is being stolen from right under our noses.

    If you think I am exaggerating, just have a look at the fallout from the biggest ever UK vote and mandate, the instruction it gave to the Government, and how said mandate is being sidestepped. 


    Edit - this is just today - https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/08/01/british-court-recognises-sharia-law-landmark-divorce-case/

  11. I don't think any have.. and the same with bigamy (It is their culture), child marriages and all that crap. Give it a few years and pedophiles will be asking for marriage to be changed, so they can be on a par with muslims, and it will be against the law to marry a fellow British (as in English, Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish)/Irish person. Kids will be taken to mosques and sharia courts will be the same as the high court.
    Sometimes I think it is a London thing, but be that as it may, the shit soon spreads like slurry, and touches every town and village with it's stench. Just before I left the army, one of my last jobs was to look into some beasting by NCOs at a training camp. The complaint was about... and I shit you not, They called the kids Taffs and Jocks, Paddy, Scouse etc etc Makem for a Geordie, Geordie for a Mackem, the normal shit.. AND.. the NCOs shouted and swore too much. Seriously. Complete and absolute 'I'm entitled' bullshit. I stayed the few days, made my report, saying that those that complained should be failed as they weren't mentally strong enough.

  12. They are normalising stuff that would have shocked us only a few years ago. Self decency and honour are things of the past, now it is all selfish 'what can I get, how much can I make'.. and they weren't happy enough to have our kids being brainwashed at school with liberal balls, no, they had to import a whole lot of backwards people to push it along. Now it is all about multiculturalism (only their culture, ours is racist), and rainbows.


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