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    Hello from mew member

    Thanks guys. Learning loads already. It’s a knowledgeable community
  2. Hi I recently got a KT100 from AGC and the testing certificate said 11.4 with H and N FTT. Tested itself with my Prochrono Pal and it came back slightly lower at 11 with same pellets. They recommend the FTT but maybe going with heavier pellets is the way forward. Going to try Hand N Barracuda which are the same as Bidley Magnums. How is the accuracy with your heavier pellet ?
  3. DrRock

    HW 100 KT .177 was out again tonight.

    Hi I agree great rifle. Just got the laminate KT 100 and put a A M custom gunsmiths cylinder which is lighter and gives much greater shot count. What pellets do you use for rabbit shooting and what distance are they still accurate Just experimenting myself at the moment
  4. Hi I’m new to the forum and have to say I found that a really excellent and informative post. I’ve just bought my first PCP and am honing my skills but the Springer looks like something that’s worth investing time and effort in. Thanks, I shall bookmeark that and read it again and again. Loving the forum already
  5. DrRock


    Already picked up a very useful piece of information hereon my first day. Thanks guys . However Just spent too much on a Hawke 600 Pro. Great rangefinder but interesting to hear that the Vision King is the same thing. But quality control might be less so I guess you take your chances. hoping my Hawke does not pack up as quickly as some folks here!
  6. Hi i have just got same rifle and am testing pellets. The H and N FTT 4.50 is pretty good but groupings at 45 yds have been unpredictable. I have just got pellet testing pack which is H and N FTT 4.50, 4.51 and 4.52 40 of each to test which best. Also has Baracuda match 40 of each in same 3 sizes. Baracuda match is same as Bisley Magnums i.e H and N make them for Bisley but are supposed to be higher quality. I will report back after the testing but I have fired 1000 H and N FTT 4.5 through the barrel so far and cleaned. It is excellent at 25 yards but less consistent further out. CAn still get 1 inch group at 45 yards. Looking forward to rigorously testing the other pellets Have seen good things about RWS superfields and Bisley Mgnums with HW 100 I will be testing this weekend hopefully!
  7. Hi all Glad to have discovered this amazing site. After many years I have rediscovered how much I enjoy the outdoor life and have just bought myself an air rifle (Weihrauch KT100 Laminate 177). I am getting my skills back up to speed in my back garden and am lucky enough to have a 55m stretch to shoot on but am very much a beginner but have a real interest and passion in going further but don’t really know where to start.I really want to get into hunting and pest control. (We have had rats on our property last year ) Hopefullly move up to some bigger game over time. My gardener shoots boars locally so am hoping to talk to him in time about this. I want to develop a social life round the sport and hope to get to know people locally and enjoy progressing in it. I live in South Wales area in semi-rural area and there are plenty of farms around and one or two rifle clubs. looking forward to meeting people and learning from this excellent resource. I am sure I will learn a lot from being here.