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  1. I fancy comin doon wi the wee dug, meeting other folk with workin dugs, and the terrier racing seems a fair giggle. Cannae find a muzzle to fit her though. Is a black patterdale, the 'softie proguard' muzzle size small is too tight round the snout but the medium is too long at the nose and the rascal cannae see! Any tips on guid muzzles for terriers?

  2. 1 hour ago, dogmandont said:

    Let the dog enjoy itself. It’s only doing what comes naturally. Lol.

    Ach i know, such incredible wee dugs. Real shame for the hedgehogs tho, they don't do anyone any harm. And its not a nice thing to be witness to, bloody horrible screaming sound some of em make as she mercilessly despatches em. Then the earwagging off the missus when you get home! At least rabbits you can eat! Cheers for the feedback.

  3. 1 hour ago, EDDIE B said:

    Yep! Drop her down a fox earth, and she wont bother with the hedgehogs any more.

    Ah, nice thinking - get the rascal some proper action! Would no doubt love that. Unfortunately i have no knowledge of fox earths or such matters, and the dug is nearly 7 so would seem irresponsible to 'have a go' at it. Cheers for the feedback tho, like yer style!

  4. 11 hours ago, EDDIE B said:

    Are you off your meds today?

    She's a rescue dug. Gets plenty off/on leash exercise. Has an unfortunate hedgehog fetish, bloomin deadly even on the lead! Don't wanna muzzle her. I ain't no terrier man (dug isn't worked) so have come on here looking for advice from folk that know these dugs. Like tricks to stop her seizin em and/or making the wee b**ger let go! Perhaps you could help?

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