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  1. Nigel Evans


    Thanks for the reply,i am undecided as to what bird to get lots of factors to consider.Its safer to way p all the pros and cons.keep you all posted.
  2. Nigel Evans


    I am new to the forum,having had a female redtail for 11 years,sadly she passed away last year.I am currently awaiting a new bird this year having a deposit for a bird already down. I am however undecided as to species,what is determing my choice will be based on land quarry etc.currently my permissions do not carry a lot of available quarry.What are peoples thoughts on a sparrowhawk as I was leaning towards an accipiter,this would allow greater success with small birds being more plentiful,however I am aware it iswidely documented that they are notoriously difficult but an inprint would lesson issues a little. So get another red,friends in the club say try another bird and have recommended a gos.