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  1. Paul Townsend

    Hello from Peterborough.

    Hi rabid I would be interested thanks when do you normally shoot? Pm me if you like thanks and thank you all for the warm welcome
  2. Paul Townsend

    Hello from Peterborough.

    Good evening everyone. my name is Paul and I live in Peterborough Cambridgeshire. i have a passion for all shooting related sports and game I have attended a few game shoots around Essex with a friend of mine and attend regularly to clay pigeon shoots at the black swan. I have had experience in handeling rifles (sub FAC) and shotguns for hunting. I have a collection of shotguns and rifles of my own and carry a section 2. i would be interested in looking for local permissions and meeting a few fellow shooters in and around the area as my old shooting buddy has moved away. I get along well with the black swan shooting ground owner but that’s about as much shooting I can get at the moment. if any body local would like a hand with vermin I.E rats rabbits etc I would love to help where I can. any way happy new year all and happy shooting.