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  1. Thats what i thought but i aint no exoert but just lookin at pix
  2. I'm pretty sure i read that Cyril Breay and Frank Buck said they didn't use any pit blood.I don't know at all but read your posts and know you know what you are talking about. So Breay did use pit blood?
  3. Thnx,appreciate that .Don't know if I'm ready for one just yet lol but will check back with ya if i am.Just researching at this point cause i don't know anyone with firsthand experience.
  4. Does anybody have any experience with Airedales?
  5. I would say for sure some working out of some kind.look at them stifles.i don't think diet would give that kind of cut.
  6. Them beagles are good dogs.My buddy has some.He hunts them long and hard.
  7. Any of those sealyham dogs in America?
  8. You can read anything on the net doesn't give you a hands on view though does it bro.Nobodh trying for a wind up.I guess its nice to know everything huh fatman.seems you type always looking for drama and shutting out dudes trying to learn
  9. return of the worm.internet access for good behavior..lol
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