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  1. gitzygaffney

    New To Uk (Advice)

    Cheers mate good to know. Its a big pitty the laws gone that way, no crime in turning a hare man.
  2. gitzygaffney

    New To Uk (Advice)

    Balbriggan originally mate, North county Dublin, but I've spent time in Longford and a lot in Baldoyle.
  3. gitzygaffney

    New To Uk (Advice)

    Howya lads, I'm new to the uk, here a month now over from Ireland. Want to start hunting here and take it up here but a bit hazy on the inns and outs of the law here as its a bit different back home. How strict is the ban on hare coursing? Can I still lamp rabbits with lurchers etc? Also: I'm based in Bristol city, would be dead keen on knowing wheres good to go looking for permission, I don't shoot, so just land to run lurchers and maybe the odd bit of ferreting. Cheers boys, Gitzy.