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  1. jimbob77

    Total Newbie Wanting Cheap Setup

    Cant go wrong for 30 quid cheers
  2. jimbob77

    Pheasant Hunting?

    Sound mate. I know what my next setup is going to be once ive mastered this one. Thanks been a great help everybody
  3. jimbob77

    How To Enter A Male Harris On Crow?

    I'm trying to get a crow with my new bought catapult. I'm practicing now lol. That's my biggest fear that he'll never chase them after that. Yes thank you for that. Although I wasn't thinking three or four then a carcas but that sounds a lot safer to me and I bet his encouragement will even increase the first few times. I just can't muck about and get him entered asap. Excuse my lack of knowledge but what is mugging? I know you were talking sarcastically and heavily joking when you were saying a Harris has one chance and we know what that is. Could you explain what you meant by one chance? I've started manning him to the car yesterday and he wasn't bothered in the slightest. He seemed to enjoy the view haha I had the windows down and I was only in second gear but enough to get close to some crows. Cheers
  4. Would it be possible to look at the trousers mate and what size are they? Cheers
  5. Hi all, I'm sick of going out in my work boots and riggers and getting my clothes absolutely destroyed by wrestling through thick cover. Could anybody recommend some cheap wellies that tie up and a hardy set of pants. It shocks me how much people can actually spend on this stuff but I understand I've got to pay a little if they're gonna last. I'm a size 9 shoe and a short leg with a 28inch waist depending if its Christmas haha. I would rather buy second hand to save money and if the sizes aren't perfect I'll have a go at altering them myself. I don't mind travelling for them because I'm after some sharpish. I would like a jacket but I think I'm gonna wait until I can afford something that's gonna be extremely hardy but look decent as well. Probs next year when I've got money for that lol. All the help is much appreciated Cheers
  6. jimbob77

    Hello There

    Seems a good friendly bunch, I think I'm gonna enjoy this forum. Nice to meet you all.
  7. jimbob77

    Pheasant Hunting?

    Cheers mate I've just bought a wasp starter setup yesterday for less than £20!!! I'm gonna get plenty of practice with these 9.5mm bb and then have a go with some led once I'm experienced and have some game in the bag. Can't wait to have a go out in the field but I'll do my best to be an expert marksman before I even attempt at anything. I'm not one to give up easy like those people that go out fishing once, don't catch anything and then slag the hell out of it. Thanks for the info
  8. jimbob77

    How To Enter A Male Harris On Crow?

    Thank you so much for the informative reply. Looks like I'm going hunting on my own first. Just need to get him trained to work with the car and plenty of jump ups. I've just seen one on YouTube that was bloody amazing. He was soaring beautifully and so highly motivated for the chase. It's astonishing how some people get their birds trained to this caliber. I wish I could fly mine in a cast with such a bird in hopes that he would learn something. I'm gonna do my best. Cheers mate
  9. jimbob77

    Pheasant Hunting?

    Sorry for the stupid question but how do I look back at catapult kids posts (I'm not the most computer literate)? Oh yeah ill be practicing loads before I go out. I don't like causing any unnecessary suffering. I've been watching this Irish lad on YouTube, he's a right shot and makes it look so easy. I just wanted to make sure I could take pheasants cleanly before I spend my money and put in hours of practice. Cheers
  10. Hi everyone. There is a lot of crows and a few magpies around my end. Does anybody have a good strategy that provides the easiest of slips for entering a male Harris. I know I'm gonna struggle but it's one of my goals this year to get him that fit. All advice is much appreciated thanks
  11. Ayup everyone. I'm totally new to hunting with catapults and was wondering if anybody could recommend a good value catapult that will take a pheasant? I was looking at wasp catapults but I was thinking that you would need to get a good head shot with these due to lack of power? Thanks
  12. jimbob77

    Hello There

    Ayup everybody I'm a newbie. I love hunting and am eager to learn different aspects that are on this forum.