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  1. As the title suggests I just want to say a massive thanks to all the people that either helped or offered to help. The response i had from people on here left me completely speechless (you know who you are) and as a result of this im going for my dog tomorrow. I don't think this would of been possible if it wasn't for people on here. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks mate for the kind offer. I might have it sorted, I will let you know if I have to take you up on the offer! Thanks again.
  3. Just been let down with the courier and now it looks like im going on train, just convincing my grandparents to let me have him here, think they will!
  4. Anytime, just say the word and im on my pushbike on way! Hes a legend and some people on here should take a leaf from his book
  5. You couldn't be more right on that 1 mate, im lost for words all thanks to black neck. What a guy! Many thanks to all and special thanks to him
  6. Hopefully I might have it sorted, I will keep you all informed and once again many thanks for all the kind offers
  7. Thanks lads for all the kind offers, im just in the middle of trying something and I will keep you all informed.
  8. 1 in a million. Hat off to you!
  9. Thanks for the info terry, i will look into it
  10. Im not sure of the alternative, the lad said he will get rid if I can't get him, ive just split with the mrs and back at my grandparents with no penny to scratch to backside, i dont drive either
  11. I looking for anyone that could maybe help me out in the swansea area. I recently split up with the mrs and had to rehome my young wheaten greyhound. The guy has decided that the dog wont make the grade after 4 weeks of having him. Im in hull and dont have any transport. I know its a long shot but ive got to try. Any help would be much appreciated
  12. What an absolute cracker, u know i like her dc. Still my favourite pup this year by a long way
  13. Goods a ca a van wi nae fecking wheels!
  14. Alot of the money in them coursing dogs is down to the amount of money getting betted on them f***ing the hare! yes proper f***ing!!!
  15. Ive always found if your that bit more assertive and stern in voice they tend to listen that bit more, they can be headstrong but if your on top of them from a young age then they will do what u want when u want! Jmo, im sure there will be other ways that will be just as effective! Atb!
  16. Shes coming on a right treat now dc. Has to be said 1 of my favourites out of this seasons pups! Atb mate!
  17. Absolute cracker dc. Atvb with her!
  18. That looks like its gonna have a jacket on it
  19. Well u cant knock her, them pups look very well looked after and healthy as foook! Well done to ur mates mrs's. Atb shh!!!
  20. All chunky barrels as they should be, good job shh!
  21. The 1 far right on the pic is a beast!!! Atb shh!
  22. The amount of interest ive seen in this litter is unbeleivable! I dont think there will be many if any that dont get homed when their ready
  23. Glad shes took shh, cant wait to see the offspring!
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