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    Crow Hawking

    Yea clock going back mke it bit now difficult , I take my Harris work with me and do fitness work through dinner and then lamp her every other night untill weekend
  2. Elchapo

    Crow Hawking

    She’s definitely earned her keep mate I’d be chuffed to bits with the amount kills she put away
  3. Elchapo

    Crow Hawking

    She’s doing you proud mate
  4. Would you consider her good enough to breed from and if so what would you put over her
  5. Never realy understood the whole massive pedigree thing ? To me I only care about the parents and grandparents be it bull terriers or any other terriers almost people not all will be telling porkies the further back you go
  6. He a young dog abc or just not seen any work ?
  7. Always fancied a border for bit bushing ferreting marking but feck am I paying a grand for any terrier
  8. Anybody made a remote drag lure like the bull x ones but with out the bull x 500 pound price tag made them befor out starter motors but looking to make a remote control one
  9. Yes something like that or. Huntaway Hound
  10. Who was the guy on here who had one ( had big buckskin bull x too think dogs n natives maybe ) went over catching wild boar with it in different country was a solid looking animal , I liked look his looked like it could handle its own .
  11. That the 3/4 spaniel 1/4 Terrier ? Not seen it in a good while , do you find that the 3/4 spaniel is the right mix ?
  12. Go until you can see her slowing down if she’s tiering then lead her up some don’t slow down bitch I had would go all day get home and writhing half hour bouncing up and down to go again .
  13. I don’t even no who is who but who ever gets us out of the EU sorts out the nhs takes care of OUR homeless/ elderly sends anyone back to where they come from if there parents and grand parents arnt British citizens and gives the death penalty for child abusers and nonces well they will get my vote ,
  14. Just out of curiosity how much are you charging on the pup , normaly have lads on here looking for such crosses but when one comes up none to be found .
  15. Looks a bonnie pup that don looks strong but not too heavy , should make a cracker
  16. Oh right that’s it then because you not seen gypos eating hedgehog then it don’t happen , lol even that nugget Tyson fury was given loads shite when he posted about eating a hedge hog guess he did that just for a laugh ay lol
  17. You seriously never seen a gypo finding hedgehog. Its one there traditions hedge hog wrapped in clay except they don’t do that anymore they do it on bbq .
  18. Me gypo fodder , seen gypos slam brakes on in middle busy road pic one up in his jumper and chuck it in his van , they love them on a fire
  19. Trapped a lot of fox with pigeon or rabbit with guts hanging out
  20. At risk of sounding like an idiot I’m having trouble with condensation in wooden shed , the shed was put up last Sunday it had been pulled down and leaned up for a while before I bought it , I put it up and re felted all the roof , been in tonight and one side of the shed roof is soaking wet with condensation the full length of the shed , but only on one side which is side with the windows wich are also covers in condensation , there isn’t anything at all in the shed so not sure what can be causing it , one the windows is missing so plenty air getting in , Alton the window is broke no water is getting in , any ideas
  21. No a lad who as a full AK and another mate who has an AK X GYR and a AK X PERE , there ballsy little birds ,
  22. Yep it’s like they want to get caught think I’m going end up investing in a se of fishing waders as we were finding moorhens on puddles in middle fields aswell
  23. Yea cock pheasant and ducks are probably my favourite quarry , had couple flights on some teal and then my fhh decided to take a moorhen in the middle of a pond so ended up wading in up to me stomach wich wasn’t fun lol
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