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  1. Cheers for the replies lads i will take a look i started looking for a ratty to turn hpa and decided id go for a pcp instead of wasting my time if a good r10 or scorpion happen to come across my path the ill have them for the right price but the bullpups are to my liking. Ther compact and. Tried to find a reasonably priced AA TDR but theyre all asking to much. And like i say the more i look at the bullpup the more i like them. Does that Artemis P15 come in synthetic stock and can put a moderator on it?. Just out of interest how much are they and where is the best place to look for air rifles free ads has only 27 pages and ive looked on here past 3 months everything is sold. Thanks again lads ATB
  2. Yh Cheers for the quick response. Yh they look alright not bad for the price. I can't find many for sale when it comes to bullpup i can see a crickets pulsars and taipan veterans. Wildcats and all sorts up at that price range. But might aswell save for an impact Main gripe is the built in suppressor id like to be able to add one or change barrel to add one
  3. Hello has anyone here had or used a Hatsan Gladius .22 been looking at one not used one seen some youtube videos. Looks like a nice bit of kit. Decent price. I have been looking for a r10 or a scorpion but the bullpups have caught my eye and now i want one.
  4. Which is small one on the bottom?
  5. 30 going on 18 lol. Cheers i think i might do just that. So yh take me a couple to save up for it but . Will be worth it i reckon
  6. I might get a ratty aswell lol ive never shot one. someones got a modded one available on here. Is ther no way to fix the problems and make it a bit stronger?
  7. Nice rifles then i take it they are ultras and scorpions? Just been reading about the fx impact and watching videos on youtube of the .25 is that an fac and what is fac? I want one lol. I might sell my 1 of my kidneys lol I like the look of the stealth and the storm but here a load of shit ive just been lookon at the logun s16 .22? Multi shot pcp think its a take down aswell cant find AA tdr is it the s10? Whats the best place for secend hand buys? I think im going to go as cheap as possible just to get something. And start saving for an fx impact i cant stop looking at it lol.
  8. Cheers lads just seen your replies and i will take a look later. Keep them recommendations coming like i said to phil i havent a clue and and will have a look at them all but i do like the look of this fx verminator anyone used had one?
  9. Cheers mate ill take a look and have a read about the fx verminator later and the pistols aint for me either thats the main thing put me of the rat catcher was its basically a pistol aint it. Or a pistol with a really long barrel. Im going to keep looking aswell for a small rifle.pcp rifle or a takedown pcp. If you think of any let me know. As i say im clueless all these different names come up and i google them and they maybe good air rifles but not what im after. But i like the look of that fx verminator
  10. Yep been diggin mate. I was after some info as ive took a liking to the gunpowers i like the look of them i like a small compact rifle it takes down into a laptop bag apparently. Was lookong at a rat catcher Co2 but abit to small. Anyway with all the bad stuff im reading about them i might giv them a miss. But then this was all 6yrs ago maybe they've been fixed. I havent a clue about which are a load of bollocks and the dogs bollocks. But im after a simular rifle to the Stealth II or Storm II. I was looking at the FX Impact untill i seen the pricetag. ATB
  11. Anyone tried the stealth 2 or the storm 2
  12. This bloke hit the nail on the head while you lot are busy arguing like women as usual
  13. I didnt think it was that bad got a 8 day ban for that. Ther is a thread just about badgers. Pictures of badger hunts?
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