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  1. Hi all. Going to throw this question out see if anyone has an answer. Just brought a Weihrauch suppressor (second hand) put it on my rifle made it a dame sight quiter. Then thought I'd go shoot a few rabbits missing them by miles to the left. Scope still zeroed not moved put on my old one pellet on pellet opened the Weihrauch and found 2 washers with nicks in them. Drilled and dressed them put back in still going left. Anyone have any ideas? Cheers all

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      bigmac 97kt

      just put a comment on you thread about suppressors

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      wilbur foxhound

      Are you left or right handed

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    Sorry Donator didn't see the last question from you. I was looking at a Weihrauch modarator but the price and the one I wanted was in Blackpool about a 4 hour trip. My local couple of RFD are a bit to rich for me. I can't understand all the hoops you have to jump through for somethings but others are no problem the laws are ass about face. I had my Ultar tuned and a shroud and suppressor sent through the post, beats me.
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    I know I have a 175lb with hunting tips I have a hard job to cock the dam thing but whe I let it go I can't find the blood arrows. I find it strange that you can buy barrels and send them in the post but not suppressors weired. Try finding the relevant act that supports it is like looking for a needle in a hay stack.. What got me worried was the the firearms officer when he spoke to me had to be reminded what the VCR was. That didn't I still much confidance. Nice of you to reply mate and hi
  4. Hi there. Can anyone tell me why suppressors cannot be posted and have to be face to face. I can't understand how an inert bit of metal can be subjected to this, when a magazine that is needed by some air rifles, can be sent through the mail system. I can't find any where in the VCR that mentions silencers, moderators, suppressors and the restriction placed on them. I have even spoken to the Firearms officer at Lincoln, and all he would say was "if its for FAC you need to put it on a slot to use with a particular rifle". Didn't actuallyy answer the question i put forward to him in an email. Can anyone tell me where to find the regulations about this? Is this just a regulation set out by politicians in London that have never even fired, let alone handled an air rifle or firearm. They seem to just introduce these things without talking to the people that actually use these weapons either for a living or for sport and leisure like most of you on here do on a regular basis. I'm new to the air rifle sport, but I'm finding it a mine field as regards to all the regulations and restrictions placed on them. Can anyone help Cheers
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    Hello. Im new to the site and would like to introduce my self. My names Ian and for my sins Im ex military with over 28 years service (Infantry). I live in the lincs area after moving to a house with plenty of room to allow me to get about in (amputee) I, we have a bit of land and was lucky enough to get a permission on to the farmland that our bit backs onto, its about 15 acres. Im only using sub 12flb air rifles at present, but x fingers hope to get my FAC this year, or early next. The land we have, has a huge problem with rabbits so I'm out most days and the odd few night trying to reduce the numbers, but so far have not made a dent. I'd like to say hi to all the members and hope that I can get some good tips and maybe later offer out to anyone that might like to do some rabbit shooting to help out. Thanks for reading.