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  1. Joe Joyce is fighting tonight His first pro fight its on Dave 9pm if anyone is interested
  2. Do you know how many episodes this season?Was last season split in 2 with loads of episodes Cheers
  3. Race, colour and all that don't normally come into it with sportsmen with me...and I normally support the 'home' fighter...but the one thing that takes the shine of Joshua for me as a British sportsman is that he was happy to wrap himself in the union jack at the Olympics...happy to use British tax payer funded olympic facilities even as a pro...and happy to line his bank with money off British punters...but what does he do as a thank you to the country that gave him everything...he goes out and gets a massive Africa tattoo with Nigeria out lined...comes across just a little un grateful but ty
  4. Yea one thing the ingle camp shine with is fitnessA fully fit Saunders will be very hard to beat
  5. I think he will win this he is switched on for this fightHe is very talented and underestimated imo the times he has been under parr in fights is his own doing
  6. Hi just joined into all aspects of hunting atb
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