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  1. I think a massive problem is Facebook. It is easy to point fingers and argue when the going gets tough but if we all pull together surely there is a way of getting on with things. Is there anyway members could collectively get together and get on to Facebook and get those pages down. North Carlow lurcher page is especially bad. Absolutely disgracefull.
  2. Time Left: 1 day and 21 hours

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    Looking for a canopy for a 2010-15 short bed. Ireland


  3. l200 short bed canopy 2010-2015 model wanted View Advert Looking for a canopy for a 2010-15 short bed. Ireland Advertiser sionnach99 Date 07/11/21 Price Category Vehicles and ATV's  
  4. another good dig Monday for the bitch …
  5. Couple from the weekend. Hounds cold marked a hole with three in it, then hunted another to ground.
  6. There is polish martins so. My mistake
  7. Nice dog stonewall, sorry for your loss mate. He looks too have done a bit. Have you anything down off him?
  8. A few year ago there seemed to be a craze going of importing ‘hard as nails’ jagd terriers going on here in Ireland on fb and on here ,some of them selling for massive money. Them same jagd terriers are nowhere to be seen now and any serious digging men are still using the same old black dogs that they have always been digging too. Tells you a lot really. Lads will keep whatever works the best and that’s the black dogs. For me a terriers job is for earthwork nothing else.
  9. Nice type of dog you keep and breed , all look in great condition a real credit to you. Atb sionnach.
  10. I’d be wary of a lot of posts on here. I have yet too hear of a polish man called Martin??? Maybe I’m wrong but just be careful lads. A lot of cu*ts out there…
  11. Not sure if he’s taking the piss or not, not too worried either. I’m the one feeding them and picking up their shites
  12. That’s a terrier pup at the front. One at the back is a lurcher
  13. Are they still down off the old stuff you had that you used to dig to? Not many working borders about nowadays . Some of those Levi Oakes terriers looked handy animals in there day. Atb sionnach
  14. For me a bull grey with a touch of collie suits my needs perfectly. There are men in this country using collie bull greys and I would really like to see someone who kills more foxs than them. I know of 60+ a season single handed dogs. I doubt there are many Irish terrier crosses or Kerry blues that would hack it.
  15. Maybe there is a few good ones about but personally I think there are far better crosses that are tried and tested. Why would anyone get a kerryblue cross when there are bull crosses about?? Each to their own I guess. People will keep what works and what produces. Maybe u could get a one hit wonder Irish terrier or Kerry blue cross but I don’t hear of many lads keeping the type and breeding them with much success ?? Again just my opinion
  16. Correct me if I’m wrong maybe one or two did , but the vast majority of them are SHITE, sugar coat it whatever way you like. Do you know of any ????
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