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  1. Hallo everybody

    We at Savanna Hunting Safaris wish everybody a happy newyear and hope it will be a great one for everyone. We have some great specials again for 2022.

    Cull package ( non trophy )

    7days hunting

    1x blue wildebeest

    1x waterbuck

    1x warthog

    2x impala

    All permits

    Total 1800€ or $2000

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  2. On 08/03/2020 at 12:22, forest of dean redneck said:

    If its not going to be eaten, is not a rat or similar pest or threatening your life I don't see point in shooting it certainly not up hang on a wall. I'd sooner look at it through binos or take a picture of it. 

    Luckily everything we shoot do get eaten, so if the trophy can be used, why not. 

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  3. Halo guys


    We have 1 more buffalo permit for 2019 and selling it at a special price. 

    Package include

    7x full hunting days

    1x buffalo bull ( no size limits )

    All permits

    Total $10 250 or 9250 euro

    You can add on an anysize sable bull for $2950 or 2590 euro. Other animals can be added of our pricelists. Nonhunters and extra hunters are welcome on pricelist prices. 

    Contact me on sjsafaris@gmail.com 

  4. Halo guys, here is our sable special for 2019. Now this fantastic deal has no size limits, and we do offer some very big sable. This is an all inclusive package, just doesnt include your alcoholic beverages, airfare, taxidermy costs and tips. 

    Package includes

    5x full hunting days

    1x sable bull

    All permits

    Total 3950euro or $4650

    We do have an incamp camara man, so we put your unforgettable experience on film for you to enjoy for years to come. Of for any reason you do not shoot your sable, you get a 2800euro or $3200 refund. All I need to hold your dates is a 500euro or $750 deposit, and you pay the rest on the last evening of the hunt.

    Come to Africa and hunt one of its proudest animals.





  5. Here is our annual buffalo special. Just like lastyear we are putting out 2 Cape buffalo bulls for a fantastic price. The package includes everything except your alcoholic beverages, airfare, taxidermy costs and tips. The hunt is on foot by tracking. 


    Package includes

    5x full hunting days

    1x buffalo bull

    All permits

    7950euro or $8850


    If for any reason you do not shoot your buffalo, we do refund 5000euro or $5750. To book your hunt we only need 500€ or $750 deposit, and you pay the rest of the amount on yout last evening of the hunt. I do pick you up at OR TAMBO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT and we drive to the hunting area. 

    Extra animals and days can be added to the package. Also non hunters are welcome at 150euro or $180 per person per night. 

    2012-10-24 18.12.07.jpg



  6. On Thursday, December 13, 2018 at 22:43, Bbkkcc said:

    Those look huge.

    Are they good eats? I was in South Africa a few years ago but new tried this game meat.

    Halo Bbkkcc

    These old bulls is not that good to eat, but not the worst either. Everytime I hunt one, we take the shin meat and make a big stew together with garlic, tomatoes and onions. It cooks for about 6 hours over a fire in a big black pot, but it is worth the wait...the rest goes to the communities

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  7. 19 hours ago, Born Hunter said:

    "intellectual idiot" :laugh: I'll refrain from throwing insults back at you seeing as you struggle with basic f***ing English and punctuation.

    You are utterly wrong and all emotional about it. Managing a species with hunting is not a threat to them and is in fact protecting them from decline in those areas. Read a book ffs or a link I put up wih the views of actual independent conservationists explaining the situation.

    Hunting reserves and conservancies are protecting wildlife habitat. More wildlife habitat than even the national parks protect! They are NOT responsible for population decline because the 2-3 killed a day fund the conservation of an equal and greater amount! Revenue from limited harvesting (2-3 /day) fund the fight against poaching and agricultural encroachment in those areas. This is an demonstrable fact! But I'm the idiot. :laugh:

    Prove I'm wrong if you can. Present the evidence that supports your abusive rambling. Claiming it's 'common sense' doesn't cut it when I can and have shown examples of you being wrong. Counter them with your own examples and studies.

    Oh and 'big eight' isn't just African mega fauna, it's a new term that includes wale, shark and wild dog. Pretty sure you mean the big five seeing as no c**t is walking around Africa shooting f***ing wales. :blink:

    The biggest problem we have is, we are trying to use facts against opinion, and we wil never get through to the tiny brain cell of the anti hunter, because they can not grasp the concept of conservation, because they are to emotional. If they are just willing to look at all the facts and see what is really going on, maybe they will realise that we ( hunters ) are helping save these animals. But they will never admit it, because they are to proud, to delusional and to emotional to say that "YOU WERE RIGHT"

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  8. 19 hours ago, bird said:

    yeh , and you shooting  the legally  2-3 day  quoted  below  by our  intellectual  idiot   B/H  below ,  they got no chance  of every recovering , thats them and the other big 8 .  there all in decline  , and you still want to shoot them  what sad pricks you are. The best thing can happen is all the big 8 become  extinct   so nothing poach,  and nothing to shoot legal . it got the biggest crime rate in the world S/A    , shoot them  black feckers  over there if you want to kill something  lol

    You see bird, if they get hunted, they have a value, and then people ( community, hunters ) get funding to protect them with anti poaching units...once you stop hunting them, the funds for anti poaching goes away, and then there is no one that see to it that the poaching stops. Yes you will never be able to stop poaching, but you can atleast bring the number of poached animals down. And you probably dont give a damn about what I am writing here, but we as hunting outfitters only get a certain qouta every year. So in areas where there is alot of elephant or what ever animal, you get to shoot more, and the area where there is less, you shoot less, or nothing. It is not like we shoot everything that walks. So if we carry on hunting, the animals will always have a value, and then there will always be a reason to protect them. 

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  9. 20 hours ago, bird said:

    no    , no point   because  in  30-50 years time  , the big 8 out in  India = tiger, Afica  lion, rhino, buffalo , leopard,  etc will be fook'n gone anyway   , they close to it no anyway ,  but you carry on old pal  kill the feck'n lot   , i out with dogs now   got better things to do than this , carry on   .!

    A while back bodswana bands hunting on elephant, this week they found 90 carcasses of elephant poached. A whole heard POACHED...So you tell me who is wiping them out...

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  10. 4 hours ago, Marcos said:

    They have a fairly impressive boss, would take a bit to get through? Does it get so big to impair their vision? How old would this buff be?

    How do you rate your Merkel, What calibre?

    Halo Marcos

    yes if you hit the boss, your bullet dont go very far, but they dont grow over the eyes, so no matter how big, they dont impare their vision. This bull is between 11 and 12 years old. You can see the tips are worn, and the boss is rock solid. This is what we always look for in a bull, and then ofcoarse we look at the spread of the horns alswell. But the hardness of the boss is the most important thing for me.

    I have to tell you, I am extremely happy with my merkel, it is accurate and balanced well, so it doesnt kick all that much. I shoot a 375 h&h in the merkel, but I am in the process of building 470ne barrels for it. But a 375 is enough gun in my mind...I have stopped alot of charging animals, all with the 375...

  11. 3 hours ago, Aussie Whip said:

    You quoted me on a post from ages ago,thats why I'm here now.Being a hunter my opinion is relevant as this is a forum.Where I come from you don't order people to move on.I really think this big game section should be removed from an otherwise great site.You people are a disgrace to all hunters and are putting nails in the coffin for hunting with every pic appearing for the world to see online.

    For me to quote you, you had to already have said something stupid in this topic. I dont have to hide my pics from the world, because I am not ashamed of what I do. Everything is perfectly legal...

  12. 34 minutes ago, Aussie Whip said:

    I think the tradition by real Africans would be killing a lion with a spear or knife,not at 200m with a cannon.Tell those cnts to stop quoting me if they don't want an opinion.

    The reason you get quoted is because you are a narrow minded idiot that has no idea how it works, but just want to feel like a man because you are "sticking it" to the hunters...where in fact your opinion is based on an uneducated guess...the area we hunt is a community area where everything that gets hunted goes to tribes. Everything exept the skin and skull, so by hunting in those areas, you cancel out poaching and feed a community...

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