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  1. Charlotte Bourbeau

    Hunting Hares From Horseback With Falcon And Sighthounds

    Are you looking for Rabbits or Hares? Cottontail rabbits are found throughout the state including the farms and woodlands and are legal in 3 seasons that occur from late October to early February. The only Hares found in Pennsylvania, Snowshoe Hares, are in season only for about a week between Christmas and New Year and are found only in the forests, primarily in the northern parts of the state. A hunting license is needed and the booklet of regulations you get with the license details the seasons and harvest methods and limits.
  2. Charlotte Bourbeau

    Pictures Of Your Hunters?

    Sorry to hear that you are having problems uploading your picture to the Talent Hunter website. This problem usually occurs when the photo is too large. Often times if you've downloaded your picture from a digital camera, or video camera the resolution of the picture is to large and it must be resized.
  3. Charlotte Bourbeau

    Which Hunt Coat?

    Depends on the brands. RJ Classics run close to normal "street size" clothing. So if you wear size 4 dress, then you would wear size 4 coat. Elite and Grand Prix Coats are European sized, best to try one on at the tack store before you buy it. I don't know about the cheaper lines of coats like Devon Aire, Equine Athletics, etc.