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  1. SimpleSimon

    Saved A Dog (I Think)

    Good effort mate... I wonder, would something similar work on a drowned dog as they do to new born calves and lambs? Hold upside down by both hind legs and swing back and forth...
  2. SimpleSimon

    Shotgun Licence

    You're better off asking your FEO these questions as it'll be done on a case by case basis and what's true for one won't be true for another.
  3. Hi all, Due to change in work shift pattern I can't make it to the shoot where I did most of my beating last season. I'm looking for any weekday shoots in or around Worcestershire in need of a capable beater. I'm young, fit, have dog, 4x4, insurance, etc. Please get in touch if you need a beater or know of a keeper who might...
  4. SimpleSimon

    First Outing

    Close... Stourport
  5. SimpleSimon

    First Outing

    I'd be happy just to get my hands on a couple of ferrets to get me on the right track!
  6. SimpleSimon

    Location For Ferret House

    Right well I've decided to go for an obvious solution and build a free standing, double decker hutch on legs. That way I can put it near the house in the shade for summer, shift it to the sunny bit of the garden or the shed in winter if needs be, stick it out of the way if we've got "sensitive types" coming over, and best of all palm the whole lot off on somebody to look after them if we go on holiday. Time to get building!
  7. SimpleSimon

    Morning All

    All of 'em, handsome devil like me. I was meant to be in one of them naked ones but I kept scaring the horses
  8. Well I haven't time to read all 165 pages (blimey!) but having bought this house at the end of last year I'm now in a position to think about getting a veg plot made and planting up for next year. I just need to wait until the nest of baby birds have all buggered off from the tree I'm taking out to make space. Then I'll build raised beds and fill them, and work out what to plant and when. I'm new to growing veg, it's all very exciting...
  9. Hi, I'd have sent you a PM but it seems I'm too new for that! I'll be after some before too long if you still have any needing homes? I'm a first time ferret keeper, just trying to get everything sorted before I get the ferrets themselves.
  10. SimpleSimon

    Location For Ferret House

    Thanks folks, no concerns about shade then. I'm considering housing them up above the sleeping area of my dog kennel, it's basically a full height shed with a platform built in that the dogs sleep underneath. Would be easy to convert the unused space above the platform and then maybe put a tube or something to an outside run away from the dogs...
  11. SimpleSimon

    Location For Ferret House

    Hi all, Excuse me jumping in with a question, but my wife is finally coming around to the idea that ferrets are a good idea. She's asked (told) me to decide where I'd keep them and work out how much it'll cost to set up. I can easily build something suitable (or buy pre-built if there's not much in the cost) but I don't know where is best for them. I have a convenient spot in mind, but it would be constantly in shade. Would that be OK, or do they need some sun? It's dry and sheltered, just not very bright and I imagine would take a while to warm up in the winter. Other alternative is to house them inside a shed where they'll get sun through the window and possibly give them some kind of tunnel to an outside area as well. The downside to that is the wife won't want to walk "all the way" to the end of the garden to feed them when I'm not about. Or to accommodate them on top of the sleeping area in my dogs' kennel, which would give them plenty of space and a little bit of sun, but might annoy the dogs. There's also the question of smell. The wife is convinced they smell, I'm not sure they're any worse than other animals. Any thoughts? It doesn't bother me, but might influence where to keep them.
  12. SimpleSimon

    Morning All

    Hi folks, newcomer to the site here. I've been enjoying shooting for around 3 or 4 years now, only got into it in my 20s but always had a deep love of the countryside and being outdoors since I was a lad. Used to do a bit of fly fishing with my dad, and still have all the kit bit don't get out that much. In terms of shooting I take my ancient Baikal to the local clay ground every couple of weeks and do the very occaasional bit of pigeon shooting when a mate invites me to tag along. I'm "in negotiations" over a place on a small rough shooting syndicate for this season which will be good. I'm also into rifles, learnt to shoot as a teenager in the cadets and have since then got myself a 22, 243 and 270. Mainly for guided/paid for stalking, and helping out once in while where mates have foxes or bunnies on their patch. I'm into beating and hoping to find a new shoot(s) for this season. I have a GWP/Lab cross bitch and a Teckel (dachshund) who both do various work to various degrees of success! I'm hoping I might be able to add a couple of ferrets to my list at some point, although I've only been ferreting once, a few years ago. I could maybe do with making a few new contacts there... Anyway, I think that's about it!