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  1. Lost the boy about 2 weeks ago, checked every where , left cage open etc etc my granny left the cage open by accident and he got out , he was my best worker , never had a lie up and always came out when nothing was left. a sad loss, think il wait until near winter time to get another, and by then il be driving so me and my mate can go whenever and wherever we want , cant wait
  2. Alryt fat ferret, where abouts in N.I you from , im from belfast
  3. ive been ferreting for around a year and a half, i have never ever used a locator and have never had a lay up, ever some people will say thats bull and swear by the locator but its all down to what you feel.....
  4. haha, i mean do you burn them? bury them? if it was £50 quid a rat you can be sure i wouldnt be catching rabbits
  5. what the hell do you do with 2000 rats? surely its a big health risk?
  6. to be honest its up to you, i started them around 4-5 months , i think the more experience you have and the ferret has, the better a hunter youl become
  7. to you it maybe, dont read it if its boring but I'd like some answers what answers do you want exactly ?
  8. ianb can you not just delete this thread , its just slagging after slagging and disagreeing blah blah blah
  9. well in the wild, if the food was available they would eat every day, its just if they dont catch food they dont eat, thats the only reason i could see for them not eating ever day in the wild.... so i feed every day
  10. to be honest lads its getting quite boring all this arguing, its pretty much the last thing we need on a hunting site, cant you just ignore it and be the better man? comon lads just drop it
  11. fancy sorting out your differences in a private message or phone call?
  12. if your hunting on saturday morn, what i do is feed them well on friday night, then get up early in the morn and put and egg in a dish with a dab of milk and warm in the microwave for a few secs, goes down a treat and warms them up ready for the day ahead:)
  13. and so it should when all the new people give up because caring for a ferret because its too difficult, then we will still have the old genuines left
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