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  1. Hudson71


    No long as happy the lads enjoy there sport
  2. Hudson71

    dave platts' saracen

    Late starters deerhounds n too big for out but day coursing takes a field for them to turn
  3. Hudson71


    O breedings right in my stuff runs small tho low 20s but work to ground also was always into me American dogs from mid 80s but times change even keep diff line lurchers now from bull crosses I worked them from late 80s not the shit about now proper half crosses from proven pits not these hybrid things about now no bull in things masstiff n out in ad say
  4. Hudson71


    Old stuff mate ch psycho x ch Brock lines
  5. Hudson71


    There not game tho last one I saw work be 20years ago now had some bite on her for 40lb bitch
  6. Hudson71


    No was to add head and bite n probs calm them a bit the ebt used in trials nowt like fat things of today
  7. Hudson71


    Was 70s the red hand of ulster was added but game trial dog and stuff won many trials
  8. Hudson71


    The half cross Wheaton greys are wild too well ones I've had over years
  9. Hudson71


    O is it a grammar lesson now
  10. Hudson71


    Yes i keep wheatons and staffs and working dogs too
  11. Hudson71


    I answered question lad asked I ment a lurcher is easier on digs and safer for terriers hunting and strongdog work 2 different sports as in lurcher can be free for bolts etc a strongdog has be chained out way n muzzled and always had terriers that got hold at end of digs n held quarry
  12. Hudson71


    Defoe lurcher wi dash game blood better and easier for drawing on digs wheatons are for sport not hunting as such