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  1. MartinJGUK

    New Air Rifle

    Taking it to the range tomorrow night for zeroing and mildot holdover testing. It’s my first .22 so it’s going to be an education in holdover estimation!
  2. MartinJGUK

    New Air Rifle

    I just bought an Ultimate Sporter in .22. It’s built like a tank, lovely rifle
  3. MartinJGUK

    Police on my permission

    This is interesting it never occurred to me about ringing the police before going out. I shoot at a 120 acre site near Nottingham so may give them a ring now to see if they need notice of me shooting. I always carry a signed BASC perm slip with me in case I get stopped on the way home but it’s worth a call
  4. MartinJGUK

    Back on the bis mags

    My R10 .177 loves Bisley Magnums in 4.52. Shoots like a laser with them. Good with JSB heavy as well but the Magnums edge them out at 40 yards. The bunnies don’t like them though, they land with a real crack. Also try H and N Baracuda Match as they are “grade A” Bisley Magnums, from the same moulds, better quality but pricier
  5. MartinJGUK

    JSB .177 heavy pellet users

    With these pellets and Bisley Magnums in 4.52, which have a similar trajectory in my R10, I zero at 40 yards which gives me a zero at 20, 1 mil dot hold under at 30, one mil dot hold over at 50 and 2 mil dots at 60 yards. These are very accurate in my R10 but not so much in my Wildcat, which only really likes JSB Diablo in 4.53, but I like a heavier pellet
  6. MartinJGUK


    It’s also ridiculous that you have to have a slot for a moderator for an air rifle on an FAC even though they don’t have serial numbers so can’t be matched to any rifle or traced. You can swap moderators to your hearts content between rifles and no one would ever be able to prove it yet it’s the law to have a slot for one. Most FAC air rifles come with them fitted yet they are listed separately
  7. This is exactly the point. In the eyes of the law there’s no such thing as slightly over, it’s either sub 12 or a firearm, as others have pointed out. If his local Firearm Officer found out he’d be in breach of his RFD licence and in trouble
  8. MartinJGUK

    Might Try A 4.53

    For what it’s worth my new FX Wildcat is a lot more accurate with JSB Diabolo in 4.53 rather than 4.52. I tried .51/.52/.53 and the .53 were definitely better. My R10 hates them though and will only really shoot Bisley Magnums or JSB Heavy in 4.52
  9. MartinJGUK

    Ns Viper. First Time Out

    Thanks everyone
  10. MartinJGUK

    Ns Viper. First Time Out

    Thanks chaps. You're right about going too often but you don't want to give the landowner the impression I'm not taking his problem seriously. It's a tricky balance to get right. I'm probably looking at once or twice a week for the first few months to get the numbers down. It's a big enough site with lots of individual warrens so that I can rotate round them in turn without over shooting them.
  11. Had a few hours out last night on a new permission. The place is overrun with rabbits and they are out in the daylight so I thought I'd try staking out a warren or two before sunset then switch to NV after dark. Well they are about the most skittish I've seen. They disappeared never to be seen again as soon as I got within 100 yards of them. I sat on the bipod but only saw a periscope head pop up then drop back down. I had a snood and cap on and was down wind but they knew I was there, trouble is it's a wide open field with no cover or natural features like trees or rises to blend against. So I waited till nightfall and switched to using the NS Viper and the Primos medium tripod. I have to say it's a fantastic piece of kit. I scanned round until I saw a pair of shiny eyes then stalked in to about 25-30 yards, knelt down and sat it on the bipod and took the shot. As I've seen on here people complaining about the wind and last night was no exception until about 10:30 then it dropped, but the sky cleared and a bright moon lit me up which made stalking a little more difficult but I still managed to bag a round dozen before I packed up around 12:30am. There's nine in the photo as I couldn't retrieve three of them. There's a mix of adults and kits as it's pest control they've all got to go. My rifle is a .177 HW100KT sub 12ft lbs firing Bisley Magnums zeroed at 30 yards fitted with a Hawke Vantage 4-12 x 50 scope. It's a brilliantly accurate and consistent rifle I'm really pleased with it. Just got to win the lottery now so I don't have to get up for work every morning after stalking the countryside till the early hours! Today was a struggle!
  12. That looks perfect for night ratting with a Nite Site Viper. It suits head up shooting from a hide or seated position. I've got a Primos Tripod and it's great but might treat myself to the 2 point rest now
  13. Wow this takes me back! I used to pinch my brothers fishing weights to put in the noses of my Airfix kits then deny everything. It takes a lot of BB's to keep a B24 level, apparently.
  14. MartinJGUK

    Hi Everyone-From Nottingham

    Thanks for all your welcomes. Much appreciated. I've been reading through the forums and there's mountains of info! It's great to see.
  15. Just a "quick" introduction!. My name's Martin, a 45 year old Electrician from Nottingham who's getting back into shooting after a few years away from it. I did used to shoot target pistol in the 90's with a .38/.357 Smith and Wesson model 28 before it was banned in about 1998. I got into air rifle shooting with a Theoben Olympus after that but drifted away about 10 years ago, but i've been meaning to make time for myself for several years and finally I've got the chance now, spare time and cash!. After extensive research I decided on a very nice Weihrauch HW100KT Laminate in .177 and started target shooting with the local club here in Nottingham last week to get my eye in again! Also joined the BASC as an airgun member as I am hoping to get a permission here eventually once I'm back up to the required standard. Great to see the sport still being promoted sensibly as it always should be, it's not an easy country to be a shooter in. Some great information and opinions on the forum and I'm looking forward to being on here and shooting for many years to come. Cheers