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  1. Dss Hunting

    Hunting In Russia.

  2. Dss Hunting

    Hunting In Russia.

    Driven moose hunt in Russian. Successful opening of the hunting season. Subtitles.
  3. Dss Hunting

    Hunting Tent With Stove (Photo)

    And for me, everything looks like russian. At us all as.
  4. Dss Hunting

    Hunting In Russia.

    Дима привет Can I supplement? I made a video of how we hunt elk in Russia. But there are no dogs. And I'm the guy who drank vodka in the video)) https://youtu.be/RZhusHs8H7I This, too, I did, episodes of three different hunts. At the end of the dog, they pursue elk. https://youtu.be/GWRDmXCBuHM And this is not my video, but here you can clearly see the work of the likes of elk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iWpDq46kyM
  5. Dss Hunting

    Hello From Moscow

    thank you, guys
  6. Dss Hunting

    Hello From Moscow

    thank you, guys
  7. Dss Hunting

    Russia's Hooligan Army Bbc 2

    I read about the Russians, I smiled. I'm Russian in Moscow. Now Putin is making arrests among football ultras. In Rostov came the fans of MU and it was quiet. At the 2018 championship, too, will be calm, Putin does not want loud noises.
  8. Dss Hunting

    Russians Catching A Tiger With Dogs

    This is a reconstruction, people talk like in a movie, and not like in a life on the hunt. I understand what he is talking about.
  9. Dss Hunting

    A Bit Of Stalking Woodland Reds

    Excellent, spiritual video
  10. Dss Hunting

    What Got You Into Hunting?

    There are many hunters in Russia, but not my relatives. In the hunt I came from fishing
  11. Dss Hunting

    Hello From Moscow

    Hello I am from Russia. We also hunting Now we have a hunting season closed, I'm waiting for spring. I hope you will not make me a sanction)))