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  1. Theres a few out now. I made a blackberry charlotte last week with a punnet full i foraged. Went today and there was plenty, but you had to hunt for them. Im making a bramble and apple crumble tomorrow Like you say, a couple of weeks and there will be loads
  2. trappa


    Good luck mate. let us know what the outcome is.
  3. Your right mate, its a great book. Ive got a few of his books. The original " cook on the wild side" book is apparently rare now! i used to absolutely love hugh , but he has started to go a bit "commercial" now, with his restaurants etc. Come back the old hugh, foraging for food in the hedgerows etc
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    Good luck mate. It sounds dodgy. Was she bating a lot when tied to her perch? I am presuming here that you have just caught her and put her anklets etc on as you say you were just training getting her to step up. If this is the case then she could have broke it bating, although that is more common in shortwings. Keep us informed , and all the best of luck to you.
  5. trappa

    Pic of my HH

    Just a pic ( hopefully ) of my HH. She caught a load of rabbits last year, as well as 2 squirrel, a rook and a pigeon. I got her specifically for catching squirrel as this is what i like to do best and find a good Harris , imo, is unbeatable at it.
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    quick question

    If the bird is native -ie goshawk or sparrowhawk etc, then you need an article 10. These will be given to you by the breeder when you collect the bird. Falcons also require an article 10. Non-native birds dont need an article 10. Hope this helps.
  7. I go winkling regularly and every time i am tempted to take a dozen limpets back to try but absolutely everyone i have spoke to who has tried them say dont bother, rubbery and tasteless!
  8. Richie where are you? I would advise some books mate. Your right that you cant beat hands on experience but books defo help. Emma fords art and practice is a good beginners book, its only a couple of squid on evilbay. Your looking at about £250 for a male harris, £350 for a female harris.
  9. Just wanted to ask any moletrappers what they use to oil any traps that are starting to stick a little? Ive been using a little veg oil,and it works pretty well but didnt know if there is something better. Cheers
  10. This is hugh's recipe- http://www.rivercottage.net/SeasonalRecipe...=65&cid=149
  11. Have you thought about getting a Theoben fenman or evolution? These guns have a patented gas-ram. So they work in principal like a spring gun-ie; you simply break the barrel , put your slug in and fire ( no messing about with gas bottles etc) but they are a lot quiter than a spring gun. Ive got a fenman and cannot fault it.
  12. This is the video that for some reason my computer wont play! Thanks anyway. Its just the last bit of the net making i am after. How to tie the net to the bottom ring.
  13. Im looking for help on how to finish off my purse nets. I have been making them ( the slow way ie; tying knots in them instead of knitting them) but i am not sure how to tie them to the bottom ring. At the moment i loop them over the first 2 danglies, then simply tie the quadrant to the ring. This works but i dont think it is the correct way. For some reason i cant open the videos that show you what to do, so i am looking for someone to tell me, in PLAIN english, how to tie the net to the ring at the end. I have asked this question on a couple of other forums, and have been advised to come here! Cheers
  14. Hi all. Just thought it would be civil to introduce myself. Im into falconry , shooting and fishing.
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