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  1. Limpo

    Deer Stalking Devon And Cornwall

    Erm because I'm not fast enough to catch them at my age.
  2. Hi interested in Deer stalking in Devon and Cornwall, would consider syndicate place or odd stalks if anyone has a space to fill. Own rifle, DSC1 BASC insurance. I have plenty of Roe shooting would be interested in Red or Fallow. I've been shooting most of my life, safe shot.
  3. Limpo

    Deer Blind Fox Blind

    I thought you'd seen a blind deer and a blind fox. Nice work though, heater or not still warmer than sat on a plank up a tree.
  4. Limpo

    Skull Identification

    Sika tines aren't angled as far out as in Red more upright as in yours, hybrids can follow either parent apparently. We have plenty of Red down here and a few Sika but I've not seen a hybrid ( maybe I haven't recognised it
  5. Limpo

    Advice Wanted

    And to take forestry leases.
  6. I think where people coming from is they don't want to be represented by the CA, its done nothing for us at all by large, nor do they want to join an organisation that isnt in their line of hunting, the old ways don't work, the CA will not do anything for lurcher men no matter how many join, we all know that their priorities don't lay along the same path as ours, yea they would pay us lip service too get our coin but they haven't and wont do anything, well except cut us adrift once they got said money, they have made no real attempt too make us want to join either, they big organisations and I doubt they would really want to be stuck with our fight as well as what they do now, Think the off put for a lot of lurcher owners with AWL is that in its code of conduct it says work within the law, which is at odds with a lot of what people do, even them with permission, what people really want is somebody to go for full repeal, they just don't want to be the one too do it lol they want somebody too argue our side of the coin not half hearted or as a secondary issue as it would be too the likes of the CA etc. Pretty well my drift mate. Firstly good on people taking the time to form and run the AWL a thankless task running any group of this nature. I can see why they ask members operate within the law although they should be maybe asking for repeal in stronger terms. As for the CA they couldn't give a toss about Lurcher work. They are like a different breed of people to Lurchermen, the only way you'd normally meet one of them is with his cap out at the game fair or if he employed you to clean his drains.
  7. Sorry about the three times quote, dunno what I did there.
  8. Oh but it does matter, what's the point in bunging the CA, AWL, LBGT and the rest a tenner a year to do nothing for you? Im a member of BASC because I shoot and I get the insurance with it. Other than that it's run by people from a different class, may as well be a different planet. They look out for deer stalking, pheasant shooting (which luckily covers the common rough shooter under the same umberella) but the rest of us oiks are looked down upon and always have been. How many of us Lurcher and Terriermen marched on London back in the day? I reckon it was fifty fifty with the poshuns yet as soon as the Hunts had their fudge (and let's remember that Blair didn't want a ban but hunts continuing with some controls which is what he got by the back or side door) Hare coursing got offered as a sacrifice and the rest is history. The Lurcher man and the terrier man were never ever considered, we have always been looked down on as poaching p***y scum (personally I'm proud to be poaching p***y scum) by not only the Police but the politicians and more importantly by nearly everyone else that shoots deer, pheasants, Partridge ect. We are dealing with class war pure and simple. To give an example a neighbour recently got burgled whilst on holiday, neighbour called old bill whilst burglary was in progress, no coppers showed, at all. Me and a workmate recently went to collect some wood from an estate that we'd bought, pull up outside the copse and within minutes we had the force helicopter land next to us followed by six, yes SIX police cars! His poor lordship had been experiencing problems with deer poaching. It's not even funny. We are a dying breed, without an attempt to get ourselves classed as indigenous peoples same as the innuit we are a dying breed, do what weve always done, keep yer eyes peeled, careful what you say and do yer thing. We should adopt the Millwall song, "no one likes us and we don't care".
  9. Limpo

    What Call

    Only one place to park or walk in miles over the moors, they aren't the sort to trash the van, more loud Guardian reading Liberals. Be brave person to take my van on anyway. There's a lot of people moaning about shooting down here now and loads of anti shooters buying small holdings, we had a complaint last year about legal shooting, we were quoted straight from the LACS "how to complain about shooting" page, wankers. I went and saw them, showed them my licence, permissions and politely told them the fact they didn't like hunting had no bearing on what I did on land they dont own. These sorts need to be confronted, politely and with informed arguments but confronted non the less.
  10. Limpo

    Bull Whippet

    If I were looking for an all round dog this x wouldn't be it, match it up with a bigger faster dog and maybe a terrier and you'd have a great bushing pack. Not everybody needs a pair of fen dogs, we don't all live in the fens. Good works bheys.
  11. Limpo

    Roe Antler Needed

    Sorry thought it was third.
  12. Limpo

    Roe Antler Needed

    Cockney rhyming slang?
  13. Limpo

    Fox Down

    Like this That looks just the job, Ad. All you'll need then is to blast out a bit of Flight Of The Valkyries and get few Hueys to fly over head dropping napalm. The foxes won't know what hit them! :laugh: Hueys! How about a fleet of drones all geared up with IR and NV all controlled via a large screen tv, you could shoot a whole farm in minutes, get one of those road sweeper attachments on the front to clear the haul.
  14. Limpo

    Well Hello.

    Thanks for the warm welcome, good site this.
  15. Limpo

    Bit Of A Panic..

    Thanks for sharing that, shows it can happen to the best of us. After walking thousands of miles on Dartmoor (girly hills really) I've only ever properly shat myself once after the snow came down UN forecast, I was on the NW edge of the moor and walking up top, snow came down in massive chunks, total whiteout. I knew exactly where I was but thought to be safe I would walk down to river and follow a brook from that back to van. I was convinced I'd missed the river even though it would have been impossible for me to do so as long as I walked downhill. The snow made it feel like I had walked much further than I really had, like four times further, wierd experience. Another thing which made me think about safety happened in October, sheep got into neighbours garden, went up with wife and mate of mine and got them back when walking across my own field I slipped, loud bang and my ankle was broken, properly broken. Full on whitey when I tried to get home 150yds being supported by wife and friend so lay down and waited for ambulance. If this accident had coincided with the whiteout event it could have been really, really serious. I've never taken a mobile with me hunting but I will from now on. I know I could have crawled home a few miles if my life depended on it but the bone grating was not pleasant and wouldn't have done it any good either.