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  1. Extreme hunter, thanks for the info this will certainly help, started going to spennymoor shooting club, good variety of clay ranges and the members are friendly
  2. Purchasing a bettinsoli universal as my first shotgun for clay pigeon shooting, just want a second opinion on the make and model to see if it is the right choice
  3. I currently go to the spennymoor shooting club, nice variety of clay targets and the members are friendly, apparently the cartridges are only £5 more expensive than your normal dealership so that is handy
  4. I just need some locations in the north east that has good prices for shells in bulk
  5. Hi I have a bettinsoli universal if that helps
  6. Does anybody know the cheapest place for shotgun shells in the northeast, I live in Durham and have just started out shooting so any answers would be helpful
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