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  1. Fckn hell mate you took your time with this one been waiting since last night for this post, didnt want to post myself didnt seem right RIP Eddie
  2. iworkwhippets is looking for a reach around
  3. What you digging that with mate, a fckn spoon
  4. From wiki From wiki Alpine Mastiff - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  5. Could be anyones dna theres no name on it, well couldnt be the daughters obviously
  6. baker boy


    Nobody does pomp and ceremony like the english
  7. Its already started, these are on the way to Battersea
  8. Lets hope he sees it through, doubt it'll make any difference to our everyday lives though
  9. Too many excuses been made over the years for it even been condoned by some on here and so called big names
  10. Mate.........step away from the computer, you're multiple posting like that fckr from hartlepool
  11. Do grown ups really eat that shit
  12. baker boy


    Sorry, but it's a tradition, a tradition this country was built on, William will get his time, I'm not a massive fan of Charles lll but it's his time
  13. baker boy


    Don't think he'll fck up, but don't think he'll ever be able to reach the level of admiration his mother was held at, different times
  14. I sorta feel its the end of Great Britain
  15. And he wont be abdicating, he's waited too long for this
  16. Trust ITV to fck the anouncement up..............Rip ER
  17. Ive always prefered Phil Lloyds writing, I think its because I like fact more than fiction, plummer could certainly entertain tho
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