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    Falconry,Hunting with my birds,Ratting. Rabbiting with my lurchers & ferrets, My airgun. Working & showing my dogs.
  1. Im with Grovsey on this.. this is a grim time of year when many many people announce they're getting a bird, have no mentor, no experience not even been out with anyone in the depth of winter to get hands on.. By the Christmas the questions start.. Its noisy, It wont come back, its screaming, it wont chase rabbits and on and on... Knowing what to do is one thing but knowing how to get the results is another but the best gift to have is the one that can fix problems and that will only ever come from proper experience Dont run before you can walk as you'll be letting not just yourself down but a bird of prey too and they deserve so much more than that. Good luck getting a mentor and with your learning
  2. Kat

    Harris hawk training

    I feed my ferrets by playing a certain song on my mobile! They always know food is there so when they're underground I can play it and out they scurry
  3. Kat

    plucking feathers

    boredom... habit... boredom... habit... boredom.. are possibilities. Have you looked for critters in its feathers (mites) is it in good feather? Can you tell us about the way the bird has been bred, how long you've had it and the age it was when you took it on. Also the way its housed now and how its accomodation is situated on your property in relation to your house and other gardens etc? What training have you been doing and how much time daily are you spending with it?
  4. LOL yes me!!! But you know that ! When are you two coming round for supper then?
  5. Kat

    hi all plz read

    Have you come to the safety of here after the bashing you took on IFF? lol Ooooh I smelt it coming!!!! Nice to see your first post is a little more realistic on here Sorry I dont live nearer or i'd have helped you out a bit I really think you need to get a few things in place including land and permission and experience before you even start fretting about what bird you might fancy.. HH's a useful bird and will go on for many a year improving providing you do too.. please dont look at one as a step up to something better or more 'cool'.
  6. Kat

    hooding a harris

    Omelette imprint fhh only has to be in a room containing a hood and she turns into an upside down handbag creature and wants to kill lol I have made other hh's I lived with to the hood and in some cases its been a relief and some it just didnt work for. My Mrt has a hood for the hunting season only and that works well for me too. It requires patience and calmness and some people just dont have that 'thing' naturally! I'd say have someone show you exactly how to do it till you're confident then go for it.. you just dont know one day it might be really useful and if not nice one but at least you've got a new skill hopefully!
  7. I'm sorry just seen your post The gun is now sold.
  8. http://www.airgunforum.co.uk/forums/private-sales-airguns-related-items/110359-daystate-mk-iv-st.html Please pm if interested
  9. Hi Stephen, thanks for the message. Ive not found my fhh but I managed to buy back her elder sister a while back and ive my MRT too so im sorted again. Many thanks for thinking of me :)

  10. Hi kat just thought you might b wanting to have a eyess f/harriss i understand you still have not found your bird.a good home is more inmind than the going prise?im willing to take £200.yours in sport stephen.

  11. Hi kat just thought you might b wanting to have a eyess f/harriss i understand you still have not found your bird.a good home is more inmind than the going prise?im willing to take £200.yours in sport stephen.

  12. Thats quite nice Id like bits of it as a tattoo.
  13. Kat


    Fascinating info.. please pm me with details of how I can read pm's i'd be most interested
  14. Kat


    Yes it's fine. Whats your log in name & i'll check your account for you and pm you back on here.
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