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  1. hillbilly1975

    Air rifle storage

    Hi I should probably have said I'm a shotgun certificate holder already. (fac as well already spoke to basc about shared cabinet etc) this post was about air rifles specifically as I will be out of space in my current cabinet soon, so with all the replies and advice I have had I am probably going to get a bigger cabinet to accommodate everything as security is absolutely paramount and as philpot said there is a few quid tied up in these air rifles so keep them safe. Thanks for all who have read this post and who have replied this has helped. Should add that the mrs has been coming to the shooting ground and been having lessons with the club 20 bore and is not bad so is looking to give me a run for my money... oh well. Thanks Richard.
  2. Good morning all, after some help on the legal storage of air rifles. At the moment I have a four gun cabinet and I keep my R10 in the last space, however my mrs is about to apply for her shotgun ticket so will use up that space and I am probably going to buy another air rifle. A while ago on faceache I saw a photo of a wooden rack that a chap was storing his guns on looked real nice and if legal would solve the problem of having to fork out on a second cabinet and carpentry is something I can do. Should add that there are no children living in the house just me and the wife. Thanks Richard.
  3. hillbilly1975

    3.2 Shogun Any Good?

    Hello all, the tin worm is really starting to get a hold on my old hilux and it will need 4 new tyres for the next mot so have sort of been looking at replacement vehicles, unfortunately it looks like another hilux is out of the question as the price of them is astronomical so for my budget have been looking at alternatives and quite like the look of the swb shogun van with the 3.2 engine. Anybody have any experience with these? most seem to have the auto box are they any good off road compared to a manual? don't do any crazy stuff just a bit of green laning and towing my trailer for the odd load of firewood/building materials etc. Whats the build quality like? how much leg room etc is there (being 6 foot 5 and an ex rugby player....) I do find the lux a bit cramped. Don't need to buy anything now as the lux has mot until mid july next year and with a bit of luck and in the right light it may pass another with out to much trouble. Any thoughts will be appreciated. Thanks Richard.
  4. hillbilly1975

    Bsa R10 Mk2 Or Daystate Huntsman Regal?

    Hello all, thank you all for taking the time to reply to this thred, a lot to think about as i said in first post going to the midland gamefair tomorrow and will try all the guns and talking to the various people etc. Someone a couple of days ago also raved about the walther rotex R8 as a possibility.... If im compleatly honest i still like the BSA R10 in theory but am going with an open mind. I already own a HW95 (but am struggling to get the hang of shooting a springer) so the 100/110 is a serious contender. Once again thank you all and will let you all know what the outcome was. Richard
  5. hillbilly1975

    What Quad?

    Hi i have a 06 honda 350 4x4 and i love it low centre of gravitiy goes anywhere, easy to service cant recommend one enough. Richard.
  6. Hi all, i have worked all the overtime and saturdays that i could get and saved my pennies and am now in the position to be able to afford a pcp airrifle and associated kit and have narrowed my choice down to eather the bsa r10 or the daystate huntsman regal. So my question is which one would you choose? my gut is with the bsa, looking for advice before I spend my hard earned (Midland game fair next weekend). Thanks Richard.
  7. hillbilly1975

    Small Necker

    Hi that is a stunning knife, what sort of sheath does it come with? how do i go about getting one. Many thanks richard.
  8. hillbilly1975

    A Bit Of Advice...

    Hi guys thanks for that i was leaning towards the hw95 second hand ones around me fly off the shelf quick and make good money. I will keep looking. Richard.
  9. hillbilly1975

    A Bit Of Advice...

    This one made me smile, I get your feelings about the calibre but I love mine its a cz 452 American 16 varmint barrel. I have had it about 10 years and a few tweaks its been brilliant the latest change is a wildcat whisper mod for the .17 replacing the sak and what a difference. Thank you all for your comments they have confirmed what I have been thinking especially about the possible licencing of air rifles a similar position to where I am now? so as I have just had my renewal I am going to keep it for now 5 years is a long time maybe my circumstances will change and I will have a bit more time. As I said its a gun I really like and get on with its just the extra paperwork and hassle that goes with a firearm and the lack of time. Interestingly when the feo questioned the ammo purchased I asked was there a minimum amount that was needed to be purchased to prove a need and he didn't know...? A good suggestion was go to one of my permissions and have a couple of hours zeroing the gun. Having said all that the seed has been sown about an air rifle so in the new year will be looking for a springer either a weihrauch hw95k or a bsa lightning se. Once again thanks for your time and comments Richard.
  10. hillbilly1975

    A Bit Of Advice...

    Hi all i am after peoples thoughts and advice on this one. A few years ago i was farming on a tenanted farm and had a .222 and a .17hmr when the tenancy was finished we moved i took a full time job so sold the .222 and kept the hmr. I have just had my renewal and the amount of ammunition that I have bought recently was questioned, I have kept the gun at the moment, I have several farms near where i live that I have permission to shoot over and an open ticket for the hmr but a lack of time means that I don't really use the hmr as much as I could. On these farms I use traps to control the corvids and only shoot for the pot and the enjoyment of being outdoors with no engines revving or people shouting (I work for a surfacing company). So here's the question would I still be able to put rabbit etc in the freezer with a pcp airrifle? I appreciate that it doesn't have the range of the hmr but doesn't have the problems and paperwork of a rifle either. So thanks for reading my ramble and any thoughts are appreciated, Richard. If this post is in the wrong section mods please feel free to move it.
  11. hillbilly1975

    Hello All

    Hi all, a short intoduction about myself. I live in mid wales near newtown and shoot both shotguns and firearms. Look forward to getting involved here shairing ideas and getting to know you all. Thanks Richard.