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  1. Just switched over to CSJ no grainer myself, you don't need to feed a lot so it should last a while. 35 quid for 15kg delivered to the door
  2. The blue colour in dogs is just a dilution of black, just a genetic fault. The blue in the apbt didn't come from the sbt and vice versa, like I said it's just a genetic fault but some people obviously liked the colour and bred the dogs with the fault as so to produce more. It is possible that you could breed game bred dogs that are not blue and end up with a blue pup, but in general a lot of blue dogs tend to be curs, apparently.
  3. Lol! Yeh it's the carpet mills that are only 500 shipped but that's more for muscle not wind
  4. Firepaw treadmills are about the cheapest new, around 400 quid I think
  5. This ones next weekend, anyone ever been? Is it any good? Might go myself as it's not to far
  6. That's shit mate, sorry for your loss. R.I.P
  7. A whippet that works or is bred from working parents. Doesn't mean to say you can't get a worker from show stuff but your taking more of a gamble in my opinion
  8. Your probably not going to find good workers on pets 4 homes mate, but if it's just gonna be a pet then it'll be fine.If you are after a working dog I would do plenty of research first and don't rush into anything.
  9. She looks cracking mate, what's her height tts?
  10. As long as you get them to let go on command then you'll be fine just make sure you have that down to T.I have a young staff bull bitch who go crazy in a tug of war, growling and whining and shaking the tug like mad but when I say leave it she will instantly stop! That's the way you want it, for them to stop with no hesitation.
  11. I've always got a knife on my belt ... Tesco pub everywhere ... but I do live in a very rural place ... people walk into the bank with their shotguns in a slip over their shoulder lol ......Sounds like my kind of place lol!!
  12. I asked my brother in law about this as he's a copper . He says if you got hunting stuff with you it's pretty obvious your hunting . If your just wandering around then they will do youMake sense, you always bump into that one though who wants to make a name for themselves lol!!
  13. Are these ok to carry out in the field? Will the police buy it if you say it's for hunting?
  14. Where are you? If you don't mind me asking I'm in Dublin mate,if you don't get sorted by next week I'll see do they have any if they do I'll get one and post it if you want,I'd get it sooner but I don't drive and it's two buses up and back I haven't got the time this week. Very nice offer mate thank you, but don't trouble yourself to much.
  15. Where are you? If you don't mind me asking
  16. Not on shop bought ones I wouldn't of thought, like the ones that are made into dog toys
  17. Yeh have been doing that just wanted something to practice when we're at home
  18. Looking for some rabbit skins to get my bitch trained on the scent, if anyone can help or knows where I could get some then give me a shout, cheers.
  19. Everyone bitching about how mcgregor talks trash and runs his mouth, the whole point of that is to get the fight noticed and people talking about it and it obviously works, the guy is a very smart business man! Doesn't matter what anyone thinks of him, he could care less the guy is a legend! And people talking about how mayweather annihilated him well mayweather is arguably the best boxer of all time and mcgregor went 10 rounds with him in his debut, not only that he landed 111 shots! Pacquio only landed 82 in 12 rounds! Someone name me another man on this planet that can do that!!
  20. What would you suggest jiggy?we used terriers for bushing for years and they are a pain for dropping to ground in the last place you want to put them. Get a larger breed like beagle x springer, or even beagle x terrier that might mark a hole but won't be as likely to drop in un wanted. Bring your terrier on a lead and you can pick and choose where you drop it giving you more control. You might not want 2 dogs if you haven't the space but it is worth it in the long term. well I have my little staff bull bitch who doesn't hesitate on going in to any sort of bush and flushing stuff out she's just
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