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  1. Hi folks....i want to start filming some shoots now,....and wandered if anyone has any recommendations for one of the cheaper but good quuality scope cameras out there.....i know ebay sell lots of chinese ones....but wanted some advice as would rather pay little more i think
  2. i found one  not far away.....says he can do it....so great  

  3. I wondered if anyone on here knows any good gunsmiths who could shorten and thread the barrel and my hw 99s ?? so i can fit a silencer? or would/could i buy a threaded barrel and have it fitted?? cheers
  4. if biden stays in and is the winner we are all f---d in this country mark my words trump is the only answer for this country to change and be great again.....as like it or not....whoever runs the usa has a knockdown effect on us
  5. Hi folks...I am in the same boat with my 99s....I have just bought another gun ...but want to keep my 99s as a back up gun.....and have asked everyone all gunsmiths I can fnd and none want to know about shortening and threading the barrel ??? so am stuck ...with two options....buy a push on....or file the little divets off on the end of barrel and fit one of the allen key fiting ones over the 15mm barrel ......if anyone know of someone who will definitely do it please let me know as I would prefer the screw on type....cheers
  6. thanks again .....im having trouble finding someone who will shorten and thread my 99s so I can fit a mod ......if any advice on anyone who does this work?
  7. thanks again....I have sent address but because im new all mail has to go through moderators.....ill send again just in case got lost ....s Collins,3 Coventry close, Tewkesbury, gl205hr .......oh and what is a tbt drop in kit ?
  8. Try all three and decide for yourself which one feels right for you obywon. In the summer, I shot with a .177 TX200HC belonging to Philpot here on my 35-metre garden range. I'm totally left-handed and his gun is a righthanded model. Yet, I put a good five or six pellets right into the same single pellet hole of the first shot with it. Amazing to gel with a right-handed rifle that well within a few shots to zero her in. I would definitely consider a TX200HC for myself after that experience alone Many thanks for reading Obywon! Simon. Thanks very much simon......I have a 99
  9. Hey obywon. you allready have a little bueaty of a gun with the 99, it would be well worth getting it tuned and barrel shortened/screw cut. My 99 barrel is 10.5 inches and still compact with a mod fitted. If you go for the shorten/screw cut route I'll send you an as new Edgar brothers moderator as fitted to an imp. Pm me your address if you want it and I'll get it posted off to you FOC. Thanks very much mate.....exactly the advice I needed....as I didn't want to fit one of those multi fit ones to it..... is that 10.5 over all or with silencer off? did you do the tread yourself or a gun
  10. Hi.......i live on the glos/worc border.....new member......i have a 99s and want to know if anyone has the same or similar and whether i should buy one of those multi-fit silencers...ie do they work?? or should i get it threaded so i can fit a weihrach one ??? I am also looking for rat/rabbit control work in my area if anyone need help with this?? cheers
  11. Hi...im a new member.....I live on the glos/worc border and have two questions......firstly - does anyone have advice on what I should put on my 99s.....I am torn between putting one of those multi fit ones on ie Deben......or should I have it threaded and fit a proper weihrach one on? secondly.....if anyone lives near me and needs any rat, rabbit, crow etc pest control, I am keen to help out.....thanks
  12. Brilliantly said Simon .......nice to here that as I have a 99s which I am going to have tunes etc......and was looking for my next gun....was looking at all the great pcps like ultra/rm8/hw100 etc etc......but now have decided to keep with spring, and therefore can I get your advice and anyone else on here who wants to add, I hope Davey and Si too (vermin-hunters) with their fantastic knowledge and experience ----- what would be your choice between the TX 200, LGU, 97KT, ???
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