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  1. Maybe?that’s why I asked check and see if his balls are still there or any scaring?if he’s fixed mmm no breeding sorry but a desexed hob around my area pardon the pun “worth it’s wait in gold” so maybe not what you wanted but down the track he can take any gill out of heat that’s if you don’t want to breed them?

  2. Fair call and some of mine do the same after a bedding change  but my other 9 don’t🤔  I’ve been breeding them through different genes for years but she’s really bad atm and I’ve been using the same bedding from the same supplier for 20yrs

  3. Just curious if any off you guys have encountered this problem before as I’ve never?   I have a gill kinda off hard to explain but she’s 2yrs old works really well but every few months of recent it’s almost like she gets hay fever sneezing constantly  than it goes away and only recently came back!shes in good condition feed all the right foods all my others are fine bedding not changed  wtf . it started in our Aus summer went away and this week started again🤔

  4. I like that 👍especially cause some of my properties there’s a lot of walking between burrows and I keep my purse nets in my pack and don’t use them all so I can than keep the ones that don’t get used regularly down the bottom without tangling and most of the ground is sandy need to get some off those red pegs.cheers

  5. Just a quick post I got some new purse nets from a very good good chap on this site netmaker Paul much appreciated bud and couldn’t resist to take them out so took the day off work today and done some tricky burrows under a couple of willow trees no long nets just testing out the new purse nets great day missed a heap hidden pop holes in the long grass so lost a lot but very impressed with the new kit.cheers again bud definitely recommend your nets and I’ll have a few boys wanting some in the near future 👍 so here’s the results 


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  6. I can’t say I’ve seen it as bad as you described but a few years ago I was living on a property which had a lot of wasps on it and being attracted to meat one of mine coped a sting sent him a bit loopy for a few days but recovered fully with no side effects.maybe an insect bite???

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  7. Just my opinion but I can’t have ferrets that kill and sit on a dead rabbit I mostly hunt with gills cause most off my properties are either hard as rock or sandy warrens and I find my gills work better than my bucks and much like most Aus properties there’s little to no chance of digging them out unless you have a excavator near by as long as there bolting rabbits and not staying down to long seems to me like you’ve got some sound ferrets mate👍

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  8. I had planned to head out and run some off my young ferrets on a property near by but the owner didn’t get a chance to remove some problem black berries and ink weed where some of the the bigger burrows are in so plan B grabbed a few youngsters and headed to a property an hour from my place that I hadn’t done for so time a mixture of open cattle paddocks and some Ferny grassy areas around the homestead upon arrival there were bunnies everywhere and can honestly say I have never seen them that thick in there for a few years so headed out and did 2 large burrows and a few smallish ones with the long nets and a scattering of purse nets.i was really happy as was the owner with the haul and my young guns worked really good and ended up being a really great day out.



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  9. Agree with the above I’m in Aus my Gills have had kits this past 6months and most have battle scars from mating some males are nastier than others when it comes to doing the deed  but that’s the way it is in the ferret world but the gills recover quick

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  10. I’m not being disrespectful of anyone I’m an avid viewer of sir blessed and enjoy all of his vids and his and have watched alllll of them with his dogs cass zip and fleet point of fact hes been more than helpful to me and I currently have two of his ferrets which I breed this year all I said is a good dog that marks up off the bat is a gem.take it how you will 

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  11. You lads have some really nice working dogs this post shows it.neils looks switched on👍but I’d be keen to see if there are any guys in Australia that use dogs for ferreting (I know sirblessed does) but I would be interested to see if anyone else does

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