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  1. Yep.If I’m far from my car it works well to stop them from being fly blown but for most part I gut them and than straight in the cooler just was wondering how you boys go about it
  2. we were just curious I do process a fair few rabbits every week and I have my ways which by most part I learnt from some very knowledgeable and very helpful Airgun hunters wayyyy back in the day especially on warm days”push gut “works for me .hate to say it they were from the barmy army at the time still friendly lads just keen to see what you fellas do?
  3. Hi lads and ladies I was having a few brews with some like minded hunters tonight and this topic came up? I know there can’t be any ”graffic content” so I don’t expect people to post unless were allowed to on how most of you clean”gut” and process your rabbits.
  4. If your ever planning to come down my neck of the woods let me know if I’m about we can tee up a few rabbit deer or pig trips if you want
  5. Shit I would have thought there’d be everywhere I’ve been living in my own little bubble for to long I can’t keep up with them around my area on the up side can’t complain about the fallows love hunting them as well as Sambar
  6. Mate there thick around my area.What part of NSW?
  7. Nice to end on a good one.That’s a good score for next season
  8. Pretty chuffed about yesterday’s performance from the young kits decided to head out early this morning and take two males just to give them a bit of fun I normally don’t take my hobs out cause the cheeky burgers kill any bunny they can grab.just done a few small burrows not far from home around some fallen trees from the last storms we had and was surprised to have one hob “yogi” bolt a few bunnies before a called it a day cause it got bloody hot.thats it for this week as temps are in the high 30 degrees so I’ll just let them rest up till it cools down a bit.
  9. Depends on we’re your hunting mate I’m always always wary about snakes and carry a snake bite kit but in saying that it’s pretty rare to come across one as they bugger off when they sense any noise.and as for the bunnies there usually dispatched and gutted and put on ice asap to stop them getting fly blown or spoiling in the heat.
  10. Woke up to a beautiful morning so decided today would be the day to take a few off my new kits as well as more experienced ferrets out for a quick hunt before the weather got to hot.grabbed one of my white hobs and 3 white gills kits as well as 2 polecat gills and headed out with the misses.just a short drive from my place and arrived to see bunnies everywhere which isn’t unusual in this particular spot as there use to seeing plenty off joggers and the like.found a couple of sandy warrens the pics don’t show much but there were holes all over the place put out the purse nets set up the long net and dropped in the newbies.sitting there with the misses in anticipation for ages without any sign off movement and than 2 bolted out hit the long nets followed by another.ended up doing two large warrens before it stated to get hot all the kits went well for there first day out really happy they performed well and a good brace off bunnies for the day.
  11. Just my observations RHD has been in Aus for a while and 1 off the properties I hunt over 100 acres the owners gave permission to cull as many rabbits as possible but for some reason the bunnies are still everywhere.no mixy no defects no deaths nice healthy bunnies.i know different countries but that’s just my say.hope it’s not the case for you guys
  12. Our councils have been using that horrible shit for ages but the strange thing is where it’s been implemented the rabbits have bounced back ten fold.maybe there getting immune to it???
  13. Cheers bjay I might grab a few of you just to practise with let me know when your free cheers Pete
  14. Cheers bjay I’m in Cranbourne I’ve been ferreting for soooo long and thanks to you and terryd I’m actually keen to give this netmaking a crack why not rainy days through winter knock out a few nets between tying flies
  15. Cheers guys I’ll give it a go
  16. Just trying to upgrade some of my old purse nets I’ve tried to find someone who does hi vis 10z nylon purse to no avail. Probably cause delivery to Australia may be a pain in the ass any assistance would be appreciated cheers Pete
  17. Rabbits snakes spiders other critters ahh not a problem but if my Missus saw one of those big buggers she would have me out alllll night on the porch with the pcp till every last one was RIP
  18. Nice way to cap off the season nice bunch of bunnies So glad I don’t have to carry a spade around with me
  19. Holy crap there some big rats if I ever see one of them buggers around my property I’d be out there with the FX wildcat giving them a lead injection RIP
  20. Sht I know there a pest but no animal deserves to die that way our shty government “correction” the greens party are and have implemented similar practices which have failed for years cause bugs bunny seems to be getting immune to what ever they throw at them but us hunters cop all the flack.go figure
  21. Excuse my ignorance but do you guys not have big number of bunnies around your way?the Spots like prime
  22. Nicely done a few bunnies and some breaky sounds like a good morning to me.
  23. I’d have to agree personally my hobs definitely have more personality and are always the first to be bouncing about when I get home from work but when it comes to getting the job done the gills take the gold medal
  24. Nice looking day for your last outing,lucky to get away with just a few scratches fingers crossed you don’t come across to many of them again
  25. Damm he dwarfs the other hob. Not sure if I’d drive 7 hours but I’d be willing to travel half that if i could get good hunting bloodlines lucky to have some really good ferrets atm as most guys around my way have some pretty ones
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