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  1. Badgerdaddy

    How Long Is Too Long

    Name and blame my friend. That way we can all stear clear.
  2. Badgerdaddy

    Some Extent...

    Looks like its been dropped into a bucket of Mecano!!!!
  3. Badgerdaddy

    Rifle For First Time User

    have to agree with the lads here. I should have gone down the HW100 route but went for a cheaper Daystate Regal. I would put it up against any or the HW rifles now but has cost me loads to get it to that level. The HW100 will do what it says on the side of the tin. Straight out of the box.
  4. Badgerdaddy

    Estimating Distance

    I agree. I practiced for weeks at my club to make sure I could hit that half inch target every time at 25 yds. I then did as you have suggested and downloaded Chair Gun which taught me about pellet trajectory, distances and retained energy. Printed off a scope cap for my chosen pellet and then set off on my first hunt for the bunnies. the only thing none of this taught me was how to judge the bloody distance!!! So, not wanting to wound anything (cardinal sin in my book even though it will happen from time to time) I decided to invest in a small range finder and the world opened up to me. Now I could easily see where my beloved 25yds were and got to work. Needles to say, I am now much more confident at longer ranges but still use a rangefinder to be absolutely sure. Many of the guys on here are much more experienced than me but they all say the same. You just have to practice as much as you can and the confidence will grow but remember this. We all do things differently and you may have other ideas so please remain an individual and let us know the good and the bad of your experiences. You never stop learning! Good luck and stay safe.
  5. No disrespect Simon but you paid £800+ on a gun then spent another £120 to get it to work like it should out of the box . At £800 i would like a gun to work with out power issues ,shroud rattling , pellet dropping into the hammer system , powder coating coming of and at that price it should be regulated in the first place . Yes the 110 is having a few problems ,mine has gone back for drop in power ,but so did both of my HW100k's . The difference is HC has picked it up without any fuss unlike daystate . Daystate ask you questions and the put the blame on to you ,until you mention trading standards ... The best PCP gun i have had out of the box is both of my BSA ultras , First one cost me £325 and SE £425 , i don't mind spending another £120 on a reg and tune and still comes in under £600 for a gun ,which will match any top price gun pellet for pellet ATB Mitch I also fell foul of the Daystate hype. Had my 177 customised by Airtech in Telford and now as sweet as can be. However, it cost me another £120.00 on top of the price of the gun but so well worth it. Also bought the R10 MKII in .22 8 months ago and just had it upgraded to FAC (34ftlb with Bisley Mags) While it was with Airtech I had Carl replace the regulator with one of his own custom built regs. Now have a gorgeous and reliable rifle. The moral of all this is don't believe the rubbish and marketing blurb that these manufacturers spit out and read the forum posts. We have all been there and made the mistakes. We also write about them so you don't have to go through the same. Good luck and happy shooting
  6. Badgerdaddy

    Fac Application Query

    I had a nightmare with the same question and said no to any issues at the time of making out the form. However, not mentioning a spate of depression which stopped 12 months before I made an application came back to bite me in the proverbial. The question defo refers to the hear and now and the fact that they will contact the doctors means they will get all the info they need any way. But no, I got questioned and told in no uncertain terms that I should have mentioned it as it looks like I was trying to hide the issue. (I can understand the reasoning as no one should be handling fire arms who are a danger) I get that, but the question should be made clearer as to what they want you to put down. Mention everything mate as it will help with the process. They did finally issue me with a section one and with all that I had asked for so happy days but is was a bit of a fight. Good luck.
  7. Does anyone have an ida when these are going to be in the stores. I am in the market for a night vision scope and was going to invest in the LRF970, However, I was reliably informed that the new N250 is cheaper and better so decided to wait a while. The problem is that the N250 is no where to be seen so we have no reviews to be able to compare the two models. I thought i would drop this post onto the forum just to see if anyone had any information. If not then i just have to wait i guess. Thanks in advance for any comments. Colin
  8. Temporarry or permanent permission wanted for Midlands area. 17HMR and 22LR plus 177 sub 12ftlb and FAC .22 aire rifles. Currently hold permission for 450 acre golf course but really want a farm permission that will give me more flexability and more frequent shooting opportunities. Only have 5 years to retirement so need to get somewher to build a relationship for the future. Please PM if anything available. Cheers
  9. Badgerdaddy

    Interchangeable Barrels

    Thanks Dave and to you Walshie for the advice. I did not consider the re zeroing of the scopes after changing barrels and certainly could not be done with having to go through the process of doing so. Thank you for saving me the grief. I will now leave that idea out of the equation. The CZ is going to be high on the list unless any one has other comments tat may make a change. Real big thanks again to you both
  10. Dear All I could do with a little advice as I am now the proud owner of an FAC for 17HMR and .22LR. I have been looking at what you all use in these calibers and surprised to see a lot of CZ,s which I have also been looking at. They appeal to me for price, looks and also popularity. However, what I would like to know is what is the difference between the models such as 452, 455 etc, etc. I also need to understand why I don't see many interchangeable barrel models being used and is that a normal set up would be to have two separate guns in the cabinet rather than one and two barrels. Any advice would be useful before I go and spen my hard earned. Thanks for all your help advance. Colin
  11. Badgerdaddy

    "the Gun Shop"

    Victorino Chua Was a nurse!!!
  12. Badgerdaddy

    Scope Clear Out

    Sorry my friend. I had SF on the brain. The Nikki is actually AO and NOT SF My apologies to all for the error.
  13. Badgerdaddy

    Scope Clear Out

    Bless you Rob. Really please the Pulsar is working out for you.
  14. Badgerdaddy

    Scope Clear Out

    Hi Lads and lassies I have been clearing out the shelves and decided to move some stuff that was purchased incorrectly (long story and one best discussed with my psychiatrist) or just not needed. The first is a Nikki Stirling Mountmaster 30 SF 4X12X50 which is new and not used. I have attached mounts to it but never used in anger. These are the real low end market scopes but supprisingly good write-ups if you check them out. Brand new they are £55.00 from Uttings so I am asking £30.00 collected from Birmingham or £40.00 posted. The second up is a Hawke Eclipse 30 SF 6X24X50IR which has been used once. Now it does say IR but it is actually just the center dot of the reticule that can be illuminated red or green. Good scope with only one slight scratch where the Allen key caught the tube when fitting the mounts. That taught me not to drink Rattler Cider when working with scopes !!! These are £179.00 new so asking for £120.00 collected from Birmingham or 130.00 posted They say to leave the best till last so I have. Third up is a two month old Falcon T50 with all the accessories. Sun stades, spare turret and side wheel. I won't go through all of the details as you can look it up on the web but this is a stunning piece of glass and not a mark on it anywhere. This is the one that you need to speak to the psychiatrist about as it's basically for HFT which I don't get into. Just had one of those bling moments when I just had to own one. I just don't learn!!! New price is £450.00 and as there is no box and basically second hand I am asking for £350.00 collected from Birmingham. Don't fancy posting this but will do if needed. However, I will need to cet a costing as this will need to be properly packaged and postet. I have pics ready so please pm me if any of you are interested. Thanks for looking guys. Colin
  15. Badgerdaddy


    Hi fellas The Daystate is back and sporting a lovely carbon fibre moderator. As far as the gun is concerned I can't begin to tell you just how good it has become. It has changed in operation that the pre Airtech Regal is no where to be seen. If Carl was a chef hen he would be a chocolatier because this thing is as smooth as the finest Belgian confectionary I kid you not. I have produced the best card I have ever shot at the club tonight. 1 ten shot mag at 25 yards and all in the bull at a size half that of a five pence piece. ok it was off a bipod but come on lads I have only been shooting for 6 months!!! I am sure that a more steady shooter could tighten the group a bit more but for me, it's perfect. To say Carl is a magician is an understatement, he has put a huge smile on my face and turned my Regal into a keeper. I can't thank him enough.