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  1. but tougher and stronger already done this types xs and they are what's expected atb bunnys Good, Any picture's of them? What were they like say compared to the c/s/g, no doubt they be very much the same just with maybe a little more go in them ? but in which way. what's there temp's like working and not? sound's like an interesting mix to me and one that i like the sound of i like the c/s/g they suit me so could also see theses been of some use. regards
  2. I personally think a nice fast busy coursing bitch with a decent gear box and mouth, with buck across that would make handy dogs for a bit of everything. Im guess it would be good blend like the c/s/g
  3. Moja

    Weed ;)

    I've just got into a smoke for the last couple of months, never one for a puff always more of a drinker. Don't know what made even try it really but I've really enjoyed the last few months of a smoke of an evening just the one (light) one Sleep I've never had a better nights kip, unlike beer wake up feeling fresh, I really like the stuff couple of times a week can't see the harm in it. I ain't a young man theses days or anything but wish I'd of tried it a bit sooner in life. Different flavours, strains it's a really interesting topic and that's interstates me never to old to lear
  4. Not like you Andy to be so direct. I'll have that shitty pup of your if its going lol
  5. Just goes to show you. Rip peace girl run em hard wherever you are!
  6. Yeah that's what I keep telling myself sock! That's why I'm 21st
  7. I like him Andy seems to be matureing into a fine sort. Nice to see the little Pom still keeping on
  8. How unfit was the dog before he got it? Has he over done it with an unfit dog? Get him checked over by a boneman, might me acidosis with over doing it? Add tinned tomatoes to his diet and bananas and add plenty of fat and protein. Make sure he's taking plenty of liquid even if its watery bone broth. And another thing I do also if mine has had a hard night is make him lay in a warm bath for 10mins. If I had to guess considering he's 100% injury free, I think its lack of potassium in his diet causing cramp
  9. Lovely well cared for litter there pal. Done a good job with them! Best of look with them
  10. There can't be many out there that's breeding just vennydogs, just good fast dogs with a little stay that can also spin old sally in the day? Or maybe there just smart enough to keep quite and just keep on. If there is any out there planning a litter anytime soon drop me a message
  11. I love a roasted shoulder and all the trimmings, and a stew with dumpling good doulp of horseradish mash potato and roast turnip. Its my favorite meat of all game wood pigeon close second
  12. The 4th pup down looks a nice pup!
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