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  1. No mate, this is a healthy dead rabbit..LOL!
  2. Well if this isn't "mixy" I must be full of crap!
  3. I wasn't being critical, but from the limited number of rabbit heads on show in the photo, it's clear (to me at least) that mixy is present there. The rabbit shown at the bottom of the photo is clearly suffering mixy and the others that I can see show the tell tell signs I expect from that disease. As I said I'm not being critical, as they need dispatching even more so. I find on my permissions that they hang around when in the open to the crack of the HMR, as they are confused and blind and slow to run.
  4. Yes! It's due to the barrel choke being further away from your ear on the longer barrel! Put your ear next to the choke of both barrels and I doubt you'll notice the difference...
  5. Nice haul there, but had they all got mixy?
  6. If I were you I'd buy S/H from a forum such as this one or the S.D. You just need the die set for the .223 specifically. I'd recommend watching a few youtube vids to get an idea of what you need. It's not difficult but having someone teach you (if you know anyone local) helps a great deal. My guess would be around £150 would get you going with the Lee starter kit, which many say is very good value new. I myself bought some expensive kit which I didn't really need TBH. That said, you need case lube, primers, case's, bullets, calipers, ete etc so best to be prepared to beast the cred
  7. Yeah, that fox looks healthier than the fugly holding him ... ..
  8. I bet that's old stock at that price. I'm paying £14.50 for Winchester ATM and that's due to go up when they get new stock in. Remington HMR is currently £21 a box of fifty at Norman Clarke. I had the same problems with Remingtons also, split cases/hangfires etc..
  9. The RFD did give me a replacement box FOC although it was down to Hornady to replace really, who didn't even respond to my email! I shoot a .22 LR also, but the ground I shoot often is prone to ricochets and lots of footpaths/roads etc so I'm selective where I use the LR. The WMR is prone to ricochet also. If they ever manage to sort the ammo (which I doubt) the HMR is a cracking little round for rabbits. My HMR is conditioned for fox, but I personally don't think it's a suitable cal beyond close range, so only use it for rabbits, and small stuff. What is putting me off the cal no
  10. Yes I agree! Here are the split cases I found in this batch of Hornady .17 HMR. Around 10%! Also as Walshie posted, watch out for squib rounds, one I removed from the barrel is at the bottom of the photo.
  11. Many people complain about the noise from the HMR compared with quiet subsonic LR rounds. Although there is no way around the supersonic crack as it leaves the barrel, I've found using a .17 specific moderator such as this one I have, reduces the noise to a whip crack and many times rabbits will stick around whilst their mate cops it. I've tried many mods and this is by far the best I've owned. Something to consider when buying a gun for rabbits as often you want to shot them in quick succession.
  12. Hmm, good question...I'd ask "the font of all knowledge"...Deker. . .
  13. Great write up Toxo! What I envy is the fact you appear to have found a good shooting buddy you can work with. I get fed up taking out others who are either afraid of the dark or just lazy if it's too cold etc.
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