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  1. Pip66

    Any Good Rabbit Recipes?

    The hairy bikers do a rabbit stew, it has smoked bacon, plenty of cider and takes a couple of hours of cooking but well worth it, you'll need to google it as I don't know how to do links but it's easy to find, can't recommend it highly enough.
  2. Pip66

    Caught Poaching Stories

    Years ago me and a mate made the trip to Salisbury, I wasn't living in Wiltshire then, when we got there the flags were flying to show there were manoeuvres on and you weren't allowed on. Being young and stupid we decided to have sport anyway, killed one and hid it, and then got caught by military police. Was pretty impressive as we had got ourselves into the middle of there manoeuvres, helicopters and assorted vehicles. We told them we were just walking the dogs and had got lost and that we hadn't seen flags. They took all our details, checked them and checked we hadn't been caught before, obviously they weren't stupid enough to believe our story, they escorted us to the nearest road and told us that they would keep our details and we would be prosecuted if we were caught again. It was the first time I had taken my mate there, he wasn't impressed and we never went back.
  3. Pip66

    Farmers Shooting Dogs.

    Anybody wearing an heavy tweed jacket can afford to be shot at least once in their lifetime.It was one of those ones with a quilted liner that you used to be able to buy off the markets. Never said it was the only time I've been shot.
  4. Pip66

    Farmers Shooting Dogs.

    I've been on both sides of this, around 30 years ago while crossing a field with a mate I flicked the lamp on as I new there was a large ditch in the middle of the field, as soon as the light went on I was shot in the back from 70-100 yards with a shotgun, (almost certainly 12 gauge). We left the lamp and battery in the bottom of the ditch and got away, the farmer never even came over to see what he'd hit. Luckily I was wearing a heavy tweed jacket and although the shot went through it, it barely broke the skin. We sneaked back next day and retrieved the battery and lamp, despite my mate being no stranger to trouble ( you may have seen his brother in action at the lambourn lurcher show or him at the derby) there were no reprisals for the farmer, we new the risk we were taking and it was our choice. Having since spent years gamekeeping I have on hundreds of occasions had to evict coursers, from individuals to large gangs, I never had a gun with me, never had any trouble and normally had a good chat about there dogs and explained that while the partridges were down they couldn't come back, on one occasion my head keeper chased a car load which then broke down, he towed them miles home. A lot of the bad feeling from farmers is down to people driving fields with crops growing, leaving gates open and sometimes smashing through closed gates as well as stock worrying. Two sides to most issues.
  5. Pip66

    Lurcher Bitch

    Pm'd you.
  6. Pip66

    Free To Good Homes

    Both pups gone.
  7. Pip66

    Free To Good Homes

    Did I say Ireland, I obviously meant Northern Ireland.
  8. Pip66

    Free To Good Homes

    Bitch pup gone, dog pup still available.
  9. Pip66

    Free To Good Homes

    Too old for having pups really, 9 years old, but I wanted a pup from her as she's been a great dog over the years. If I'd taken her to Ireland I know she would have killed a lot of hares and a lot of roe Great with ferrets, retrieves rabbits, comes back as soon as lamp goes off without being called. She has lost her edge now so where as when she was at her peak everything would go her way now they slip through a gap in the hedge rather than turning back to her.
  10. Pip66

    Free To Good Homes

    Near Lambourn, Swindon, Marlborough.
  11. Pip66

    Free To Good Homes

    Can't send them through pm, 10ish weeks, still available.
  12. Pip66

    Free To Good Homes

    One with dam in.
  13. Pip66

    Free To Good Homes

    Had all there inoculations but you'll have to microchip them.
  14. Pip66

    Free To Good Homes

    Dog pup with bitch pup behind