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  1. Had a call from my liaison officer today, well the head of my firearms unit I believe. Sound feller, know him for years.

    Anyway he asked if I'm on here!

    Then informed me that police intelligence are onto me and that he also had a phone call from a police force from the north east!

    All to do with me shooting a single ball from my muzzleloaders. A candid discussion ensued regarding the law and it's interpretation. That aside it was made clear that irrespective of any loopholes or exemptions by default my licences could be revoked if I continue.

    That's not a problem, I bag stuff with shot equally well but what I am in fear of is that it would appear that via this forum some one somewhere may of attempted to stick a knife in my back so it's time to go.

    Hey, it was fun.




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  2. 243 was originally developed for bullets around 80grns.

    That coupled with modern bullets being longer than they use to be oncr into the 100 GRN or more bullets and the standard twist will struggle.

    I use to have to really push loads over max listings to just get them under 1"@100.

    60-80grn bullets and I usually got good accuracy with my eyes shut!

    The UK's love affair with 6mm 100grn bullets stems primarily from Scottish deer shooting law. Experts again!

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  3. 15 minutes ago, Longshanx said:

    Keeps my eyes in check U, trying to get the thread through those tiny little holes on the needle😜😂

    Also next seasons fashion will be full coat made of fox and rabbit pelts with squirrel tail cuffs and a fox tail collar 😂

    Go with my muzzleloading that would.

    Maybe a few discreet sequins here and there... 

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  4. 6 hours ago, philpot said:

    I used to use one many years ago but by far prefer my leather cartridge pouch that goes on any belt. Apart from a box of shells I keep ear p!ugs, car keys, smokes etc etc in the second pouch section.


    That's a hand bag really isn't it, come on now.

    It's ok I wear them all the time.

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  5. Not bad for a smoothbore.

    (The flyers were me experimenting)

    The one in the black was by drawing a finer bead.

    Load was.

    70grn fine black powder.

    Thin card.

    Two wet thin leather wads.

    .440" ball.

    Thin card.

    50 good strides.


    After went and got a couple of rabbits but loaded with shot.

    One at 27 paces and one at 31 paces.


    3/4oz of #7&1/2 shot works very well.

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