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  1. 2 hours ago, 3dumb said:

    I'm clearly just a lot softer than you old gets ;) haha.

    I just feel a prick all toasty warm in me shooting jacket as they shake like an alzheimers patient lol.



    Just get a bigger blizzard coat if you like them, they go up to 30"

    The greyhound kennel coats and walking out coats are all much the same

  2. 1 hour ago, Bangersanmash said:

    Well you must of been knodding off pal because it started by showing you lads on the land with 4x4 an dogs an saying if they don't get right of passage to work the land then they put it on the farmers toes then it showed you the farm building burn an mentioned items being took aswel . Which is right for some its these type of  c**ts  have no respect for there own family never mind the community they live in. You'll always get them airing it on TV every now an then to keep it in the back of the publics mind about men with running dogs. It's never hounds or terriers it's alway running dogs. 

    Nope, they were on about hare coursing, fly tipping, and farm thefts etc. They weren't blaming dog lads for it all 🤦🏻‍♂️those two coppers didn't mention dogs, they had a machinery scanner, a caravan scanner, and they let the fella look through their thermal. Fully awake 👀 and listening 👂

  3. 37 minutes ago, Luckee legs said:

    Hope collar working ok. Amongst the good stuff it's Not unusual to read sarcastic / unpleasant / sometimes obvious bollocks in these threads. W. katchum gets my vote for calm and helpful responses here. Nice job sir 👍

    Was just telling the OP how mine turn on. If I'm the one talking bollocks lol

    If it is working, remember to do the same to turn it off 👍

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  4. 55 minutes ago, poxon said:

    Cheers mate 👍🏽all Lurchers are mongrels mine I describe as a mongrely thing as it Lurchers to Lurcher to lurcher breeding going back to the 80s she’s a right old mutt her original breeding was line bred collie x until I added bedlington base blood 

    Tbh mate your probably better off looking at old post on here an making your own mind up.  to me specialist dog bred for a set job to excel at 

    I think if you want a sensible answer of any one on here you need to say exactly what your looking for in this all rounder what’s your plans what you wanting to hunt what method ie day/night I think everyone can shout there preferred cross at you but you won’t get the correct answer because no one knows your method 

    And after you've done this, you'll still get different answers off everybody 👍

    Plus you might not like or get on with the ideal dog for whatever, and go with something different

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  5. 1 hour ago, jackthelad said:

    iv saw 2 run on uist on the marran one was an 8 month old pup other a brindle bitch called merab both capable lurchers catching big bags of rabbits on the lamp....i saw the bitch merab do the ton twice and the pup had 70 odd one night in not much over 2 hours...i doubt il ever see rabbits in numbers like that ever again was like a plague......plummer i no feck all about him but those two lurchers where a bit off class il remember for a long time...

    Had Hancock blood in them as well iirc 👀

  6. 1 hour ago, tomfromwest said:

    Thanks all. I once went to a Plummer kennels to buy a plummer. When I chatted to the owner Brian Plummer inevitably came up and its seems that they took a lot of his stock of Plummers New Blood I think because that is what I bought but thats another story. They also had a lot of his Lurchers. They told me that the only type of Lurcher Plummer would entertain was a straight Collie Greyhound Cross. That was the story I got. I wish I had scrapped the idea off the Plummer and got a Lurcher from the way things turned out Anyway what is your thoughts on his Collie Greyhound cross🙂 Apparently he was an odd king of fella Brian.

    He pushed them, but kept lurcher X lurchers himself...

    There is good and bad collie grey's, just like any other cross

  7. 34 minutes ago, SheepChaser said:

    Ah right, I lose track. It’s got about as much to do with shepherding as ....... well something that has f**k all to do with it 😂 


    Often wonder if some of these silly dog/stock prices are advertising, and they get a whole lot of luck money 🤔

  8. 5 hours ago, Neal said:

    Did anybody see Countryfile last night? They mentioned a dog on there which had just broken the record for price at auction. I think it was £23K (or possibly 28?). I liked the one owned by the girl from Scotland: he wasn't backing down!

    Sheepchaser, am I right in thinking that Welsh sheepdogs are more upright in their working style and more vocal than borders? 

    Record price for a dog ♂️

  9. On 13/09/2021 at 11:19, lurchers said:

    When the saluki greyhounds we’re starting to be the main things,I remember joey Anderson and my mate Quinny had them.Joey had cruise and quinny had a big 28-29 inch dog called feather.That’s when cruise was starting to get a name for its self anyway feather was doing good to quinny sold it for a £1000 which was really big money then to some lads.They tan the death out of him till it jacked and sold it back to quinny for £600.You could see the dog had no life left in him even though it was knocking 5-6 at a time with quinny and joey.


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