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  1. Think they would remove it as it could become cancerous so I’m led to believe could be wrong
  2. Is d Lloyd still on here selling lamps sorry if this is in wrong place
  3. Hope you find her mate hope you find her safe mate
  4. Cheers pal always keep them looking well pal
  5. Gutted wasent the word pal
  6. Thorn dog had to be pts end of January pal ended up with bad kidneys was absolutely gutted as I bred him myself out my old pie dog
  7. Not just a one trick pony these dogs
  8. He’s about 3 pal came from Ireland as a pup bred well half x stands at 26inch
  9. Dog has had roe and Charlie so he's fast enough he can shift and jumps 5 bar gates for fun he's just shy of 26inch
  10. Don't let size put you if he can run he's no slotch
  11. Another shot of my half x very powerful animal
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