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  1. Was a black dog called Dec we fetched it from angelsy of a farmer that was Reece bred was a proper dog single handed on all that was 10 years or more
  2. for me I've had both reeces and pie lines early pie lines granddaughters x grandsons best I've seen in the field by fare
  3. Bryn is my dogs grandsire
  4. Heard Bryn done 7or 8 on his own single handed
  5. Mines 3 in September and is still Imature everyone different pal
  6. Bosun2 drop me a email pal cheers
  7. Fine looking dogs everyone to there own if they serve a purpose then y not seen loads of wank bull xs but seen some goodens aswel .
  8. Had daytime roe with him single handed had them under lamp hares rabbits fox day and night
  9. My bull x I bred he's heavy but can run had his fair share of foxes underlsmp and daytime
  10. Mine broke 2 let them heal don't bother him at all
  11. This on tv or u got to pay for it
  12. Never worked the maths out on his breeding but I'd say he's more bull than greyhound stands shade over 25 inch
  13. My mate has a full ACD dog from working stock not show
  14. Plenty round my end love getting dog on bck of them day or night
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