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  1. It probably was a final visit - from your the pics in this post and the last one, I don't think there's anything left to shoot
  2. Hi Phil, No worries, they're yours mate. Hope he's happy with them. Atb. Jon
  3. Good man They're bloody horrible birds. I remember shooting 3 of those once with a mates .25 running at nearly 50ftlb
  4. Hi David, No problem. Pm your address over, I'll get them sent off. Cheers
  5. All yours If you can pm your address over, I'll get them sent. Cheers. Many thanks and sorry for the confusion, you have a PM with No3 NOT No 2. Sorry again Lol, no worries. No 3 it is
  6. All yours If you can pm your address over, I'll get them sent. Cheers.
  7. I've got some mounts that I'm not going to be using so, if there any use to anyone, you can have them. Please say on the thread then pm your address over. I'll stick them in a jiffy bag and send them standard 2nd class asap. First come, first served. No 1 - 30mm weaver mounts. 14mm from bottom of scope tube to top of weaver rail. *** Gone to Philpot *** No 2 - 30mm dovetail mounts. I think these are Hawke. They have the arrestor pin. 19mm from bottom of scope tube to top of dovetail. *** Gone to David Evans *** No 3 - 30mm dovetail mounts. I think these are Sports Match but
  8. You 'orrible b*****d Michael Mate, rabbits is rabbits is rabbits. I must admit though, I did feel odd when I first shot a little one but, my best permission is a big rugby club. They can't have 18 stone blokes running full pelt and breaking an ankle in a rabbit hole. They all have to go. I must admit though, I do spare the really small ones that I see in the tree lines. The larger juveniles are my favourite. They make a nice dinner
  9. Jonjon79


    Tillylamp - Spot on. Canada looks good to me. London is a shit hole.
  10. Very nice. That looks like a lot of fun. Well done mate
  11. Jonjon79

    Poor Child

    Oops, double post
  12. Jonjon79

    Poor Child

    We have 2 Chihuahuas. They're the same as any dogs - bring them up right, train them properly and, make sure that they know their place, then they're fine. Yes, they can have strong personalities and be wilful but, that doesn't have to be a negative. The problems start when idiots think it's cute to have a grumpy little dog or, when they treat the f**king things as if they were kids. I imagine the grandmother in the story used hers for company and treated it as a substitute child. People like that have no clue and shouldn't be allowed to keep anything other than a gold fish. Ours a
  13. I tried it out last night and, it works well. I forgot it was on there at first so, I went straight to the lever. Once I got used to it, it seemed quite an easy, natural action - just lift your hand slightly and pull back from the middle of the stock. I only fired 9 shots last night but, the lever didnt move at all. It is a lot of money for what is essentially a little bit of plastic but, I think it'll be very useful when wearing gloves.
  14. Nice rifle Phil. As already said, these springers take a fair bit of practice. I think a light hold and finding your own way that works is key. That is a very nice looking stock. I recently oiled my walnut stock and darkened it a little - it's about the same shade as yours now. There's others on here with a hell of a lot more stock finnishing experience than me but, I reckon yours should have a neutral coloured oil - Just enough to show that grain and those stripes. Also, personally, for a pure shooting experience and genuine satisfaction, I believe that you have just purchased th
  15. Well done mate I got bugger all on my first trip.
  16. I do like those. I bought mine in .22, partly because I had a .22 springer when I was a kid. Mine likes FAPs.
  17. I can't remember where I first saw these - it was on one of the forums. I thought it seemed a good idea but, didn't really think any more about it. I popped round a mates place a few nights ago and, he had one on his rifle. I had a quick go and ended up really liking it. I ordered this on Sunday night and it arrived this morning. It's 3d printed. It feels lightweight but strong. It is a snug fit on the lever - the instructions say that this is by design and that the grub is just there to make sure that it's solid. It does advise against over tightening the screw as you could strip the
  18. Nice one. Nasty little opportunists. I'm glad you spotted them before they could do any damage.
  19. This permission is just full of rabbits , over the last 4 visits shot about 50-60 rabbits and looking through the NV the other night , it was like a city at night with all the lights on and that is how many rabbits there were :D
  20. Nice shooting Matt! I'm the same as you - I don't relish those long shots. I also like having to use a bit of field craft to get a good shot. But, I do believe that the maths works - as you saw There's some good clips on Vermin Hunters tv of calibration and long range work using Chairgun. Nice write up mate and, cracking result
  21. It's a gorgeous day Rez. I'm stuck at work when I should be laying on the grass listening to the birds singing and watching a burrow.
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