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  1. Frankel some great pictures the black one looks like it can shift a bit atb Colliegrew
  2. Cannot believe this is still here dai it's a beauty liked them all and kens litter quality pups atb regards Colliegrew
  3. Looks very racey nice pup atb Colliegrew
  4. Have looked at them and nowhere near as good as hero 4 black edition so ended up getting the hero 4 black edition very impressive bit of kit can't wait for ferreting season atb Colliegrew
  5. She is 3/4 whippet x Aussie staghound= (deerhound x greyhound) just turned 7mths 21"TTS We put the deerhound in for better feet and stamina, the sun-baked ground over here kills dogs with bad feet in no time, it doesn't have any give.
  6. Nice dog Terryd cracker atb regards Colliegrew
  7. Ok thanks Terryd I will get one I think anyways not really decided on what way it will be used as will be also used on my landing net handle and for working situations atb regards Colliegrew
  8. Good videos Zeuspolecat what GoPro is it regards Colliegrew atb
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