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  1. Those words are the truth. You really do good work with those minks and that's coming from a guy who trains high level sport dog's and have trained a 12 cat(tigers)circus act. So i appreciate the time you put into them and the patience you have not to just work with the animal but to read and understand them. More goes into what you have accomplished then most would ever understand buddy. Wish I lived close to you because I would love to hang out with you. Everyone one in the state's claim to be the great white hunters of America but you truly are one buddy!
  2. Guy's this is a real American Hunter! He puts in alot of good hrs training these minks. We're alot of folks couldn't train there dog to down stay properly He takes a animal(mink) that most folks wouldn't even think about hunting with let alone train. These things listen like dog's. Great stuff
  3. AWESOME! good for you. You put in alot of hard hrs into them in training. Shows your a patient man.
  4. I'm sorry to hear that! I'm glade you like your place. How many mink's do you have now? And are you getting alot of muskrat?
  5. How are you doing minkenry ed William's here talked to you quit a few times on the phone. Nice looking dog and like usual nice video! How are you liking the new place and I hope you fully recovered from what the scum has done. How did your cinnamon mink turn out? Last videos I saw of him he was doing awesome! Still haven't got one yet but I'm ready this year! Great to see your your videos love them!
  6. Wow! Great deal can I get a breeding pair? don't worry I'm not looking to breed them. Lmao
  7. I'm from America and I'll pay what ever you want as long as it has a ped and don't even care if a few of the dogs names are not right in the ped! That's a real hard line to find!
  8. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/alabama-rot-disease-dogs-cause-treatment-diagnose-identify-vet-dr-fiona-macdonald-hampshire-new-a8172491.html
  9. That's what the speaclist said that it's some type of fungal disease. Had I'm on prednisone and some type of heavy cleaner and cream. It started to clear up and 1 morning I woke up and his top of his muzzle was REALLY BAD! Felt real bad for the little guy. Had to put him down. We think it was fungal and it mutated to pemfagus. Probably spelt that wrong. A skin eating disease. If I have any pics I'll post them
  10. Yeah and I bet you knew about this didn't you. Wow, I live here and never once have I heard of this! And obviously it's known about doesn't mean alot of folks know or heard about it. And if it's that known about katchum I think the specialist should of known don't You? I told them about the fox and how this started. So put the fire out buddy because I'm not pissing on it
  11. Just looked it up and holy shit that's what my dog had!! Unbelievable!! Seriously Glen, thanks for posting that or I would of never known! And it took you from another country to show it. Lmao thanks!! That means it's been around for a long time here and our piss government never announced it.
  12. What are the symptoms? I haven't heard of this. Fox are getting to be less and less every year. I was gifted a real good Russell and he went in on a fox and got a scrape on top of his muzzle. Took him to the vet and they couldn't figure it out. Took him to specialist and they couldn't figure it out either. His top of his muzzle was slowly rotting off. Sad enough he had to be put down. So who knows if it came from the fox or the earth. Both can carry disease. That's why shots are Important. And the last couple years over here it seems like the ticks got worse also.
  13. Your not trying to learn nothing here, your just being a troll! And a real bad at that! Your a trouble maker Dan and you were banned from this board and now your back under a few different names! Mods wasn't he banned?
  14. GENERAL, I was being funny, how he asked if the beddy was a terrier, then I said he knows what a buddy is, he said he meant as a true terrier, so the question is, is a pitbull a terrier, no my fault is it a true terrier? This clown knows the answer hes asking and guys entertain this fool. Let him entertain himself. He will end up having conversations with his many alter egos! Right DANNY BOY? Now him doing that is entertaining!
  15. Don't you mean a true terrier? Hahahaha
  16. He knows what a beddy is folks. Wow! You are a joke arnt you Daniel?
  17. Mt11, see your from the state's we're about you from? Nice looking jack.
  18. Then put it up here. Cause I been getting pm form others so that's a lie right there. Fucktard
  19. Pretty strange you give me a invite and now you gotta ask your friend's. DANIEL IS THIS YOU? Hahaha
  20. I have dog's. Just give me the address so I can look it up so I don't waste my time. Pm me your name so I know the house is yours and your not you Dan f***ing with me. To do a drive like that I need to verify so I'm not wasting my time going to a house that you dont live at. Then I will bring my dogs and come. Not playing one FUR baby's game's
  21. The only reason you say this is because you know I live in Illinois. what state and what's the address? if it's not to far I can be there tomorrow
  22. Lmao!! Wow FUR BABY your going to the extent of taking pics of your meth head friend and acting like it's not You! Man you are one f****d up person! Look at that guy, jaw jacking biting his lip, Lol tell me that isn't a meth head! Hahaha while your mom is giving up the bootie your sucking the glass dick with your buddy! What a fucktard you are FUR baby
  23. Katchum, Ketchum, KATCHUM, got one question for you, are you standing behind dans mom Ketchum everything he is missing? Listen you know nothing about what is going on and best you just sit back and enjoy the entertainment buddy. He is a dog thief a paper hanger and a peddler shit talker! You guys always talk about Americans being stupid and buying and fakeing papers and messing up the bred, well here is one of them! I'm putting him on blast so folks all over will know. If everyone did this we wouldn't have some of the problems we have with the dogs. He thinks he's a Robert booth of America! So Katchum like your wife tells you, SIT BACK AND ENJOY THE RIDE! And be happy someone like me will bring the dirt to the surface. It's a shame more don't.
  24. Dan the Feltcher asslick! First off you have no friends and you def don't have any hunting partners because they would of put the spade right in your back! And no dan, I don't mean spade like the black spades that put there cock in your mommas ass so she can get your meth for you! Thats really messed up you let your momma use her hole for a toilet for the black folks! But what is even more sick and disturbing is you sucking the com out of her ass! Wtf Dan! Give that poor lady a break will ya? And sorry but that pup you have you can clearly see it's not the blood you been told it is! Your pup stupid is a WHO'S YOUR DADDY PUP! But hey you don't care do You? You will paper that pup either way just like the fake ped you made up in Florida! DAN THE FELTCHER ASSLOCK, I don't know your lady but I can bet she is smarter then you and told you not to buy that pup because the person was gonna screw You because nobody likes you! But hey you told her to shut up that she didnt know what she was talking about. Didnt you little FELTCHER? You should of listened to her fucktard! And this isn't your first pup it's your 3rd pup. One I know how it's bred and the 2nd one came from the famous back yard peddler Tod from dead game! Another p.o.s. peddler here in the states folks! Birds of a feather flock together! And the 3rd one well nobody is sure, why? Because there was 2 dogs used on that breeding, and the funny thing is a few folks even told you that and your still gonna send in a fake ped! Well good luck with that because I emailed burns last night to let him know what's going on, so good luck. Now your gonna need to produce DNA to get papers. And guess what I own the daddy and won't entertain your bullshit! How do like that! And dont us ace boon and try and act like it's me! You fucktard! Everyone here listen and listen good, you guys from Ireland wanna make some money? Just pm this fool tell him you have some a.c. blood and send him what ever you got because as long as you tell this FELTCHER it's a.c. dog he will do whatever it takes to get one. Hell he likes the booth blood send some of that garbage to him he will pay a good buck for it guys! He should be called r booth for the paper hanging puppy peddling he's Done! There 2 of a kind! And Dan don't beat up your lady over this, she tried to warn you so it's not her fault you desperate fool!! Start the pms guys! Let's see who can get the most money out of this fool with sending him the biggest crapper! Let's see who the lucky s.o.b will be! HAHAHahahaha
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