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  1. PeterJohnsons


    Great pics!
  2. PeterJohnsons

    Ground Squirrel Hunting Video

    That's a great video!
  3. PeterJohnsons

    Best Affordable Day/nv Sight..

    I'm using this ATN Night Arrow 4 - 2, which is great. What about "affordable", it has different meanings for everyone. I payed about 1400$ for this one, which is quite expensive for me, but for someone else 4000$ is affordable)
  4. PeterJohnsons

    What Smartphone Apps Do You Guys Use?

    I like Trimble GPS Hunt Pro, even though I'm using only the free version. They also offer Pro for about 5$.
  5. PeterJohnsons


    I have two: Remington Sendero SF II and Bushmaster ar15 a2 HBAR.
  6. PeterJohnsons


    Hi Tom!
  7. PeterJohnsons

    Light Weight Moderator

    Glad to hear your expectations came true!
  8. PeterJohnsons

    Light Weight Moderator

    Did you like it? Did it worth a replacement?
  9. PeterJohnsons


    Thanks for your warm welcome!
  10. PeterJohnsons

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    Amazing pics! All of them!
  11. PeterJohnsons

    Kestrel Shots

    Those pictures are something very special!
  12. PeterJohnsons


    Hi! I'm new here and just wanted to greet everyone.