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  1. Inbox me please about the longnet thanks
  2. Nelson are you the guy that as been recommended on here for your Longnets? If so can you inbox me a prices of them please thanks
  3. Hi Ben start of slow with equipment such as nets don't think you need 100 nets to have a good day Ferreting as I and many others have good days with a Ferret and a dozen nets but do buy the best nets you can afford as bad nets make for bad Ferreting Imo a locator and collar depends on how long you are willing to wait if your Ferret kills in on the other hand would you dig 8ft to your Ferret? As already been said try and get out with someone else and see if it's for you all the best pal
  4. Hi Phil what's your preferred weight of a long net that's easiest to untangle on similar ground as that picture you uploaded thanks
  5. Thanks Darren for the info and I'm gonna go with a 5oyrd quickset I reckon as that will be more than enough for the perms I have and save me time laying purse nets and I can get to see the dog work more
  6. I was thinking that a heavy weight one would be easier to to untangle and what is the difference between traditional and quick set thanks for replys
  7. I mainly Ferret with just me and my lurcher so that's why I'm edging towards a long net save laying and picking up purse nets all the time and most of my permissions it could be used with ease so what lengths are you guys using in the field thanks
  8. What is the pros and cons of Longnets as I'm looking into getting one what Oz are you guys finding the best what length etc thanks any info or opinions welcome and appreciated
  9. Had a hour out on one of my permissions this morning with my 6 year old lad it was he's first time Ferreting so we netted the first set as best we could as the cover is still thick and entered the ferrets all quiet for a few minutes then one bolted then another has I was dispatching the second a 3rd one bolted but we couldn't get to it quick enough and it slipped the net so on to a little two hole set so netted up and one bolted in seconds so all in all a good hours Ferreting and a very happy 6 year old who can't wait to go again so now have a Ferreting partner for life
  10. I would recommend Jim chick to anyone that as the old mk1 as he serviced mine and returned it within a few days all for £25 and a genuine nice man to speak to
  11. I already have a mk1 15ft box and collar which is working perfect but was curious if the mk3 was better in any way thanks for your opinions
  12. Hello I'm looking for opinions on both the popular Ferret finders mk1 and mk3 which is best and why please any info or opinions welcome thanks for reading
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