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  1. Why the hell is she best put to sleep! She is not she's a beautiful dog and had no reason to given away! She will make a great dog and respected me as an owner!
  2. Sit and talk I haven't a clue what they have been told I haven't got every second in the day to be with the dogs like any owner but nothing's good enough however I need a job to live they get good walks fed and loved like mad am pretty sure their is worse out their! Just feel sorry for her she won't know what she's done wrong
  3. I've been heartbroken that dog had such a personality some people just look at their dogs as toys or hunting items or a phase I got her to look after her as she looked like my Smokie I had to have put down and I couldn't say no! And to be fair I never disrespect my dad or say bad things but am truly let down in how you could do that when I bought her.. And always try and alway have clearly not good enough just hope I'm not seeing her posted on dogs for sale or back on here soon poor thing won't know what she's done wrong 3 homes before me it's a joke honestly
  4. Yep i got this dog in a right state told my dad i had been given her however i didnt my friend got her off the idiot who left her so skinny she couldn't walk i brought this dog up gained her weight did the best i could to be working all day then get a call off my dad saying he had given her away! SO JUST TO UPDATE YOU ALL THIS WAS MY DOG AND I WILL BE FINDING OUT AS I OWNED HER NO ONE ELSE AND SHE HAD BEEN GIVEN AWAY FOR NO APPARENT REASON. in my opinion i think it is disgusting and disrespectful and it will not be the end of it, B is how her name is spelt and B bites and has done from day one due to not having to right care. CAN NOT BELIEVE SHE HAS BEEN PUT UP FOR SALE ON HERE.