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  1. does anybody no were I can get chicken carcass ect around west Yorkshire thanks
  2. Hi just wondering if anybody has any litters due or if they will be breeding a litter soon thanks
  3. Went out last night to see 1 rabbit lol
  4. Had a look up silsden last week seen a canny bit but on top with the farmers
  5. I have been getting out hard to find decents fields for the dogs to run most i see at the best is 5 rabbits in a night
  6. Anybody around keighley west yorkshire on here fancy a look out 1 day just moved here so dont realy no any were pm thanks
  7. Hi does anybody no what x to look for in the wooler lurchers, does anybody have any pup now or due soon or a saluki collie grey pup thanks
  8. Hi does any 1 have a litter of saluki collie grey pups or no anybody thanks
  9. Can you put some pics of parents up mate
  10. Hi could you send me you contact number thanks
  11. Hi mate could you send me the contact number for the man with the dog thanks
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