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  1. thankyou so much for advice, just trying to find people who have already got the experience so they can show me where to start and learn from them, i have been googling yorkshire clubs but i just dont have a clue what am to do!! i dont want to look stupid or sound stupid so need to know what am actually doing. i have been looking on internet for some books for falconry so im going to get them ordered next week. if you dont mind me asking how did you get in to falconry and where did you find people who could help you with this? thanks atb
  2. so where would you suggest to look? thanks for advice appreciate it :-)
  3. hi wanting to know if anyone can help, im looking into falconry and get all information best i can, so just starting off but would like to get as much experience as possible, only thing is i got noone to show me the ropes properly. is there anyone willing to meetup and help thanks. tia and atb :-)
  4. Are you new to falconry or are you have you already experienced?
  5. Hi does anyone know if you have to have a license to have any bird of prey?
  6. Hi david 901 I've been looking for clubs in my area but not much success at moment, I'm not too sure of what Harris/ falcon I would be flying/hunting as im just learning and trying to get to know everything there is about it, I suppose once I find someone with the knowledge and experience and have helped me pick the ropes then I suppose I'll know. :-)
  7. Hi mutley94 thanks and will keep you updated as I go on :-). Ive just been watching a few videos of falconry for beginners on youtube, ive also searched Google for books so that i can read upon them more and ive also been looking for clubs in my area but not much success with it at the moment but surely soon will find something. Ive even thought about attending some bird classes do you think this would be helpful? Thanks again :-)
  8. Hi everyone thanks for great advice really appreciate it and will take all comments on board, like I said I'm new to falconry and never done it before but willing to learn anything and everything about it and will definately put 100% into it. This is why I'm trying to get as much info as possible so I know what I'm doing and getting the experience, getting to know the Harris etc, I don't want to get a Harris and not have a clue what I'm doing this is why I'm asking so many questions. Thank-you for reading carlotti :-) PS I am female lol I am writing this as some of you referred me as mate lol
  9. Hi I'm new to falconry, just wondered if anyone can advise me in where I should be looking to start? Thank you carlotti
  10. Thankyou i appreciate the advice, I will take a look around this site some more and check Google out for books. Cheers
  11. Can anyone advise me to where I should start with falconry as I really want to know as much as possible thanks again
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