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  1. The book looks a cracker! Been reading some of Eddie's life story on EDRD and am looking forward to reading the complete story of Eddie's remarkable life! Is it the DVD Mr Darcy is selling of the unseen lost episodes of " OUT OF TOWN " I think there is a Volume 1 and 2 available
  2. The latest in a Facebook post from the zoo Greyman was she is being tracked and was looking in " good health and relaxed" but has avoided the traps! She remains close to the zoo and they hope to capture her safely and soon!
  3. "MY HUNTING LIFE" by Eddie Chapman. Hard back, 420 pages, packed with photographs and vivid action! Eddie Chapman has left us with a vibrant record of his life. Enthralling , astounding, often hilarious and always seriously honest! It's a masterpiece! Get it now! £35 plus £5 postage! This book will be definitely on my xmas list! Copies can be obtained from Fieldfare, PO box 2, LLandeilo, SA19 6EW or pay by credit card/Paypal at www.earthdog-runningdog.com
  4. Bugger. I'm sitting in your neighbour's shed watching you doing the dishes! Pretty apron! Good this night vision
  5. Reports are coming in that they know where it is and it is a matter of how and when they are going to capture it!
  6. Some nice words there marshman. RIP John
  7. Hi Darrall. Welcome aboard mate
  8. Ask the old girl if she wants her grass cut and her fence painted? What's the harm in squaring her away mate I used to cut the grass and hedge when it was up and her grandson asked me to stop as she's elderly the council cut it so if they saw it was getting cut now and again aoparently they would stop so I stopped which I suppose makes sense as I only cut hers every other time. I ripped the hedges out and put up a treated fence that a double slatted. I want to paint it So it doesn't get wasted but the fact her son and grandson are there daily smoking and hanging abiut and wouldn't think avout touching it annoys me If it is to your advantage I would volunteer to paint it for her!
  9. Watch he don't knock it down with you still sitting on it Peter
  10. Getting too regular hearing about it too much to often now! Hope you have a result and keep us informed! ATB
  11. I think its ok if you are a fungi Neil
  12. F**kin gutted for you mate! Reading about it was heartbreaking being there would be truly awful! So sorry!
  13. Sorry to hear that Liam! Awful thing to happen mate! RIP
  14. You get a night with a mod of your choice and get to do 5000 sexual favours which the mod likes! FFS don't put a like on this!
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