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  1. You could try 800/1200 fine grit wet & dry and use with Brasso...
  2. No way I know of ,for the common man to do it, it's normally just a case of breeding/proving out, but I personally wouldn't buy a het from anyone, as you say some will sell you a normal telling you it's het for this/that with no way of knowing,produce your own, if thats the road you want to go down, but to be honest nowadays 2/3 gene visuals are pretty cheap now , animals that were £3-4k say 4/5 years ago can be picked up for few hundred pounds now.
  3. To some extent if you buy even a 100% het from someone it is on trust, unless you hatched the snake yourself, obviuosly the smaller % of het the less chance of hitting the visual, if you buy a het from someone (who says it's whatever % het) it can take you years to prove it out, especially if it's a recessive gene.
  4. To complex & time consuming to explain, but certain characteristics of certain snakes carry over to offspring and can be plainly be seen, if you have bred say a 3 gene female with a 2 gene male & no other male has been with the female, you should know what the offspring are going/should be, you have possibility of snake producing, 1,2,3,4 & possibly the 5 gene animal, depending on whether you are breeding Dominant / Co-Dominant / or Recessive gene animals, you have certain % of hitting each, with the 5 gene hatchling being 'the golden fleece' from the pairing although the odds for this per egg are massive, then you can confuse issues by throwing 'Het' (Heterozygous) snakes into the mix, where the Het may carry the gene(s) of other snakes but there are no visible markers on the adult snake, so this animal would need to be bred to prove it out, that it indeed carry the genes, you dont need to be a geneticist to become a breeder, but it does help if you can grasp the concept involved , helps if you keep methodical breeding records & know the history of the snake, especially when you start playing about with Recessive genes & Hets.... have a look at this site ,should (hopefully) explain it better: https://ball-pythons.net/forums/showthread.php?52847-A-Lesson-in-Basic-Genetics
  5. I'd ask them for the money they owed give them deadline to pay in full (well before move out date) if they weren't forth coming, I'd be out with my chainsaw and lot would be down & burnt , and I'd make sure they saw me doing it..
  6. Yeah don't do a lot really..lol, ultimate goal in the breeding game is to try & get as many genes into the one animal as you can really, at one point around 6/7 years ago breeders were paying big money for some high end male morphs £30k+ per animal, there was serious money in it at one point, then lots of people thought they could jump on the bandwagon & produce stuff for a quick buck, started to undercuut each other price wise & it strarted to get a bit silly, some of the high end American breeders started to try & control the market (Banana Royal Python Morph) with releasing only females into the gene pool whilst holding onto the males, saying things like 'this animal only produces female clutches' etc, so anyone buying a female from them at big money could do nothing with her for 3-4 years (apart from feed her up) whilst all the time these guys were holding back the males and breeding them into other high end morphs (males can breed within 12-18 months) which then subsequently produced other world first high end animals, then when all the females got to around breeding age/weight, lo & behold the guys in the US suddenly released males onto the market, again for silly money but breeders bought them as they could pair them to their own mulit gene females they had at breeding weight, and all the poor sods that had bought the original big money females were suddenly ovetaken by everyone esle who picked up a breeding weight male, and obviously these American breeders were years ahead of everyone else as they had been breeding these high end males into other high end females and producing stuff to further breed on years ahead of everyone else, Britain will always be well behing what the US produce, & the US still produce some stunning high end multi gene animals, that command decent money, if thats what your into but the bottom has fallen out of it quite a bit over here, I got out at just the right time.
  7. I had around 40 snakes that were 100% live feeders, it's not illegal in UK, (it's frowned upon by some), snake has to feed, if imported animal from US for example where it would have been fed on live fronm hatchling, you have no option of feeding live or go through painstaking process of converting to frozen or fresh kill,some will also stopp feeding on frozen & you will need to feed them live to kick start them feeding again, I had garage full of racks of Rats/Mice & Multimamattes, feeding night would be around 150 rats a week, sometimes more if breeding season & females were piling the weight on. Never ever left a live rat in beside a snake for more than 10 mins (whilst in the snake room) if it hasn't taken it within that time it's not going to, and a rat is very capable of killing a snake, or inflicting severe damage that you have no option but to put snake to sleep, not good if you've spent £3-4000 on a high end breeding male for example. I produced a worlds first in 2012 (Royal/Ball Python) I called it the 'Corcra' ball, (Gaelic for purple) as it was a Lavender sort of colour , 3 gene animal, only downside to my hatching it was it was a female (not able to breed from it for 3-4yrs) had it been a male, at that time when Royal prices were high it would have been worth £10-12k, animal has since went on to produce clutches with other world firsts in....google Corcra Ball & it will take yoy to the World of Ball Pythons site, & give you bit of blurb on animal/breeder/first produced by (me) etc....I've now sold all snakes/equipmet off, only really strived to hit a worlds first, once done the shine sort of went off it, not to mention market strarted to crash around a year later, had probably between snakes & equipment around £,000 worth, built up over many many years with importing/exporting animals from US/Canada, so sold it all off and website (Fife Royals) closed down. Amazing creatures to keep & handle....just don't trust the twats..ever !! ..LOL.
  8. Think most of that is 'Urban Myth' , constrictors do not even start or attempt to swallow their prey until they know it's dead, they can feel preys heartbeat through their coils, and continue to constrict until they know pulse has stopped, they never 'plan' a meal if it was going to eat her (physically impossible as even a snake at 30' + would struggle to get its jaws over/around our shoulders) it would of had her there and then, not put if off ..lol, snakes are ectothermic (cold blooded) and as we are endotherms (warm blooded) they see us as a heat source, practically a furnace producing heat from within, so they quite happily go to us to make use of this heat, to make itself warm.
  9. I took a bite off a big black blood once, felt like my hand had been smashed with a lump hammer! Their strike force is just insane. Wouldn't fancy getting a kiss off a GTP either... They used to have a really bad rep when the majority of them were grumpy wild caught specimens but these days a decent captive bred one is no worse than any other large python really. They're very active though, always on my toes when "playing" with my pals retics. I've got a mate who still keeps/breeds bloods and yeah they can be right nasty b******s, especially the females, he has a room full of them, & if you go in there in the dark all you can here are the snakes striking and thumping off the end of the tubs they are in in their racks , just trying to get at the heat source, I remmember one got out during the night at height of breeding season & he could here it knocking stuff over in the snake room, he knew it couldn't get out, so he left it till daylight, said he wasn't going in there to get it ..lol, they still scare me always always very wary of a Blood, been tagged too many times from them. I have mates that keep Diamond Back Rattlers, Cobras etc...amazing creatures but you certainly got to be on your toes when those bad boys are about.
  10. I kept & bred snakes for years - Royals, Boas, Green Tree Pythons, Garters, Bloods etc, had over 200 at one point and that number would increase to 350-400 with hatchlings, didn't matter how long I had kept any individual snake, they are natural predators and as such I never ever trusted any of them, especially on feeding nights.. & if snake wanted you is was having you..LOL, didn't matter how quick I was, snake was always quicker, I've been tagged thousands of times, small stuff doesnt hurt really but if tagged by a Green Tree or a big Blood..I can tell you ,you know about it !!, getting the females of a clutch of eggs was always fun :-) & yeah not the best idea letting a constrictor roam about a young kid, very stupid really !! Snake in the video is not a Retic, it's a Burmese Python (an Albino one).
  11. Hi, wondering if there was anyone out there willing to share there wisdom on Wildfowling as its something I've never participated in (but never too old to learn). So if there is are any willing people out there just let me know, I'm based in Dunfermline. Thanks, Steve.
  12. Direct (new) from Wild Hunter £33.00 incl p+p.
  13. I think the mk1 had some issues with zeroing in, the MK2 setting up is more similar to the N750 with the one shot zero system (someone more knowledgeable than I will correct me if I'm wrong),I did have a go on one prior to picking my MK2 up, the one I used hit where it was aiming, so here's hoping I can get mine set up as well once I get home in a couple of weeks from work, link below showing some of the set up for the MK2 that I found on Web (hope it works) https://youtu.be/ra56owg_nvo
  14. Yeah I knew it had to be zeroed into whichever scope you use it on,and adjusted to suit poa etc, I'll only be using it on my 243 that I will use as dedicated night set up, so hopefully that will help elevate any issues once fully set up,it will just stay on there (well that's the plan) along with NM800.
  15. Just also picked one of these up, currently offshore, so not had chance to set it up/use yet, so like yourself hoping it was a good choice..
  16. Hi, all PMs replied to, apologies for delay in getting back to you, if I've missed anyone just let me know. It's potentially looking like these spaces are 'provisionally' taken by guys to show around ground beginning of next week. Thanks to everyone who got in contact, and to those who are going over to ground, look forward to meeting you on Monday. Steve
  17. For info on the above you can also just Pm/inbox me, sorry forgot to put that in post. Thanks, Steve
  18. Due to syndicate members relocating, there are 2 (possibly 3) spaces available Applicants must have minimum DSC1 minimum first aid at work, relevant experience,own dog etc. Resident Roe as well as Sika present High/Low seats in place, onsite accommodation (caravan) for overnight stays. The land is located within 30-40 mins drive from city centre Edinburgh 800 + acre of mixed forestry woodland,pasture, with rights to adjoining farmland. Current Syndicate lease holder (Alan) has had these grounds for 20+ years. Looking for (preferably) local lads that will use land often to control ground as major replanting just finished. All applicants will be vetted, & checked , For full details/pricing (which is very competitive - no hidden charges) contact Alan direct on 07980 060245.
  19. Hi, nope no licence at the minute as I hold full FAC/SG so I dont need to have separate licence till renewal of FAC etc, so air rifles not recorded anywhere.
  20. Hi, I have two 'old' air rifles that I have potentially traded to guy down south, no real value in them, he collects so wants to restore them (ASI repeater Paratrooper that uve had for 30+ yrs) so question is how do I get them to him now? He lives in Batheaston/Bath. According to my RFD I have to go through him etc, not really with the costs of involving two RFDs for two old guns. So can they still go surface mail? I know you are supposed to have an account with Parcel Force 48 to use them, so anyone up in Scotland shipped anything recently down south without using RFD and if so any issues.. Thanks Steve
  21. Lol,I remember those days then he would tell mum and I'd get a clip round the lug, great times, how fast 50+ years pass!!
  22. Received Antler handled Opinel today great job Griff, well chuffed with it mate....sadly my younger brother has laid 'claim' to it, so he's even more chuffed than I was...cracking neat job!!
  23. Hi just saw this, hope Ade is on the mend, he has done a few knifes for myself and couple guys in syndicate, cracking jobs the lot of them, worth the wait.
  24. Already spoke with you regarding taking most of this, said you would call to sort out, still waiting on said call, and that was nearly a week ago??
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