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  1. RIP Dusty. These dogs give you the best of times and the worst times. She had the best of a life with you, that's for sure.
  2. On a straight 300 yards an Irish coursing greyhound would beat a track bred, but stick a coursing bred on a track 525yards and he would loose. Coursing bred are better at flat out running. Track bred is better for running around the bends on the track.
  3. A different world altogether to where I live; west of Ireland. It's cold and wet and has been for months. The scent conditions are terrible at the moment. With the cold high winds and water on the ground, the scent barely lingers, very frustrating. I wouldn't mind a bit of dry weather.
  4. Very healthy looking bitch and pups. Best of luck
  5. The hounds in the vids were Bluetick and Walker I think. I would love get out coon hunting someday
  6. I LOVED A PAPISH GIRL I was born and bred in Sandy Row a loyal orange Prod. A follower of King William that noble man of God, My motto no surrender my fleg the Union Jack And every year I’d proudly walk to Finaghy and back. A loyal son of Ulster a true blue that was me Prepared to fight prepared to die for faith and liberty. As well as that a Linfield man far back as I can mind I had no time for Catholics or people of that kind. But then one night in Bangor I met wee Rosie Brown, From the moment I set eyes on her my heart went up and down And when I thought she fancied m
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsBZm9C4vrI
  8. Maybe not a classic like the former tunes posted, but I love this tune for obvious reasons. This one is a modern tune, but still has good sentiments which I'm sure many of us would relate to.
  9. Best of luck with her What sire is she out of?
  10. I see them regularly. There is a wild collie dog in my village at the moment. He's as wild as a fox. I also know of a pack of feral dogs in a local big town, they only come out in the dead of night, and lay up in derelict buildings during the day. I also know a place where I am sure feral dogs are living in wilderness and have been for generations, probably eating sheep.
  11. Breeding half brother to half sister (The same sire), and the resulting litter usually has some replicates of the Grand sire.
  12. no in my opinion it wouldn't be interesting. Those lynx take down reindeer and Roe deer, their main quarry. Their claws are massive. I'm sure a game dog could kill a lynx, but not after a long ordeal of being ripped to shreds, and it would probably die later from it's horrific injuries. This is why they use and bred baying hounds to hunt the lynx and bear in their country.
  13. The Pianist. Hotel Rwanda The Pursuit of Happyness The Wrath of Kahn, when Spock dies
  14. If it is giving them the shits then it's probably not good for them. Do you feed with the hide on? rawhide I think is indigestible
  15. Hi everyone Just to let ye all know, regulations for traveling with pets in UK and Ireland, to EU and non EU countries, will change in Jan 2012. This will totally revolutionise our abilities to hunt in foreign countries with our dogs, and also import and export working dogs. I plan to make good use of these new regulations! It's all here http://www.defra.gov.uk/news/2011/06/30/new-rules-pet-passports/
  16. I bought that and his Salmon fishing book in hardback perfect condition, both for €1 at charity shop. Very good books
  17. Hi everyone, just out of curiosity, how many badger setts are within your general area? I know of nine active setts within three miles radius of my house. There may be more. Would this be an above or below average amount of setts for a normal rural area in Ireland or UK?
  18. I've been collecting them for the past couple weeks, but recently with the heavy rain and high winds, a lot of the berries are in bad shape. Some of the forming berries are rotting. A lot of mold as well. The main crop has been damaged badly. The same happened last year. At least I was able to pick a good load of the first early berries. I seen in a shop they were selling a few blackberries in a tub for €2.50!
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